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Why Women’s Wallets are Bigger Than Men’s

Why Women’s Wallets are Bigger Than Men’s

There’s one noticeable difference between minimalist wallets for men and women: the size. Even though their wallets serve the same purpose, women’s wallets are a lot larger than men’s. But have you ever wondered why women have large wallets? Is it because they have more cash and cards than men? Keep reading to find out.

Why do women have big minimalist wallets?

#1 Big wallets carry more than just cash and cards

Women’s wallets aren’t simply for storing cash, cards, and coins. For most women, wallets are multi-purpose accessories that carry receipts, gift cards, membership cards, and much more. Since large wallets usually have multiple compartments, this lets them carry whatever they want.

#2 Big wallets keep stuff safe

Large wallets like the Trayvax Renegade Zipper Wallet have a zip enclosure that prevents your cash and cards from falling out. This means they’re safer than most bi-fold wallets for men. And since women’s zipped wallets usually have unique prints, they can double as stylish clutch bags.

Leather zippered wallet

#3 Big wallets act as a woman’s pockets

Women have to deal with wearing clothes that don’t have pockets. This may seem insignificant, but for most women, it’s incredibly annoying. This makes it impossible to slip a slim money clip wallet into their pockets. As a result, they have to carry a wallet wherever they go. That’s why women’s wallets usually come with keychain accessories like straps, chains, and slings, such as the Trayvax Roam Mini Clutch 

Small Leather Clutch Purse with Strap.



Now you know why women use larger wallets than men. So, the next time you think about gifting your girlfriend with a slim money clip wallet, you might want to consider buying her something bigger instead.

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