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Trayvax Virtual Reality Shop Tour

Trayvax Virtual Reality Shop Tour

If you're trying to view this video in 3D you'll have to watch it on YouTube. It appears to only be 2D on this blog post. Sorry for the inconvenience! Click here to see it in 3D.

Welcome to the Trayvax® Virtual Reality Shop Tour. We're here to provide a glimpse into American manufacturing and to get you as up close and personal with our products as possible without actually being here.

If you have a pair of Virtual Reality viewers, you can watch the video in a VR environment. If you don't have a pair, no need to worry. The video also offers a 360 experience that's just as cool.

Let us know what you think of the shop tour and your VR experience by messaging us at or leaving your comments below. And if you're ever up for an actual tour, just drop us a line!



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Daniel Estes

Daniel Estes

Just wanted to let everyone @ the trayvax family there know I’m very pleased with my cinch belt. You all have a customer for life with me. Watched the tour and being able to actually see who is so lucky to work there and them working @ their craft they have perfected was #badass!! Keep up the hard work.

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