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We’re pleased to introduce our newest product, the TrayvaxⓇ Shift. The Shift is a dual-sided wallet comb that will keep both your hair and wallet stylish. Ideal for beards, hair, manes, mops and mustaches, the Shift combines tough stainless steel, a polished finish, and tapered teeth for easy detangling.

Trayvax Shift wallet comb going into wallet

The ultra-thin and lightweight design takes up less space than a credit card and easily fits inside your Trayvax wallet. And, of course, it couldn’t bear the Trayvax name without an integrated bottle opener, so we added one of those too.

Like everything else we do, the Shift is Made in the USA, tested to withstand 65 years of use, and backed by the Trayvax Lifetime Heirloom Warranty.

Trayvax Shift combing hair

Upgrade your wallet with the Trayvax Shift today: https://www.trayvax.com/products/trayvax-shift-card-comb.


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