Trayvax Holiday Gift Guide

Trayvax Gift Guide

The Holiday Season is officially upon us and Trayvax wants to help simplify your shopping experience. We offer a variety of different wallet types and models to accommodate a wide range of needs and tastes. The perfect wallet is waiting for you. Use this guide to help facilitate your decision making, and if you still have questions, give us a call (360-738-8210) or shoot us an email (; we’d be happy to help out. Without further ado, we present the 2017 Trayvax Holiday Gift Guide!

Trayvax Gift Guide gift giving

Metal Wallets

We utilize a number of different metals, finishes and coatings with our wallets. The Summit wallet features cold-rolled steel that has been treated with a durable melonite finish to increase wear and corrosion resistance.

Summit metal wallet

The Original wallet features an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum front plate and a melonite treated cold-rolled steel back plate. The front plate is anodized to provide a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish.

Original Metal Wallet by Trayvax

The Axis wallet features two stainless steel plates combined with MIL-SPEC paracord and heavy duty nylon. We offer a number of different coatings on the Axis. The Onyx Black Axis is treated with a melonite finish. We also offer a number of Axis wallets treated with a Cerakote finish, which is known for its durability, hardness and resistance to the elements. Plus the Cerakote coatings provide a beautiful finish to the stainless steel.

Axis metal wallet

Leather Wallets

All of our wallets utilize a top-grain oil tanned leather that will develop an attractive patina with use. Our American cows had a lifetime of experiences etched into their hide making each wallet unique. The Ascent is the newest product in our line. The Ascent is built for the minimalist in mind and accommodates 2-7 cards and 1-5 bills. It features a quick-release pull tab for easy access to credit cards.

Ascent leather wallet

The Element is our flagship product. This rugged piece is packed with features including a built-in bottle opener, integrated money clip and carabiner attachment point. The Element accommodates 3-10 cards and 1-5 bills.

Trayvax Element leather wallet

The Contour is our most refined piece. We hand-stitch our leather onto a CNC-machined stainless steel plate. The steel is treated with an elegant PVD coating for added durability, corrosion and tarnish resistance. The Contour offers an extended strap that carries up to 13 cards and 10 bills.

Contour leather wallet

Tactical Wallets

Some of our designs have been influenced by a tactical aesthetic. And while our wallets are certainly “tacticool,” we prefer to focus on their tactical functionality as an everyday carry. The Original, for instance, features a durable hook for carrying bags or opening bottles. We also added a carabiner attachment point. It’s all held together by heat-resistant elastic, blackened metal grommets, and type II MIL-SPEC paracord to create a fully RFID-resistant enclosure.

Original Tactical wallet

The Axis features the bi-fold design of a classic men's wallet. This functional wallet is built for all types of adventures, and was concepted as the Original 2.0. We combine stainless steel plates, a money clip, and MIL-SPEC paracord to give you a compact wallet. Pair that with RFID-protection and a hidden coin pocket for an all-purpose metal wallet built for any adventure or everyday carry. Also available in OD Green.

Axis tactical wallet

Minimalist Wallets

All of our wallets are designed with minimalism in mind. Trayvax wallets compel you to carry only what you need and to streamline your life. The Summit offers a simple, straightforward design. Consisting of just two components, it is engineered to be lightweight and low profile; nothing extra to slow you down from making it to the top.

Summit minimalist wallet

The Ascent wallet is designed for those who want to maintain a slim profile and carry a minimal amount of credit cards and cash. Our designers envisioned a wallet for those who want a highly custom fit. This particular design requires a break-in period while the leather forms around the contents of your wallet. Over time, this unique piece will develop a patina and style that is unique to only you.

Ascent minimalist wallet

Travel Wallets

Trayvax wallets are ideal for travelers and include extra features like attachment points, bottle openers, protection from RFID skimming thieves, and a front-pocket carry (great for dealing with pickpockets) to make travel safer. The Contour offers an extended strap for carrying extra cash or credit cards. It will also develop a patina as a constant reminder of your journey.

Trayvax Contour travel wallet

The Axis holds 1-14 cards and 1-8 bills, making it a great option for the traveling minimalist. This compact wallet fits into the slimmest of front pockets. Pair that with RFID-protection and a hidden coin pocket for an all-purpose metal wallet built for any adventure or everyday carry.

Axis Travel Wallet


Trayvax Product Features Matrix

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Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill

I absolutely love my Trayvax original. It’s been the only wallet I’ve carried since early 2016. I alway have someone asking me what is is and where I got it. I even had a TSA agent pull his wallet out and said hey I’ve got the same one. Best wallet I’ve had by far!

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