Give Friends 10% Off, Get $10 in Trayvax Cash

Trayvax Employees Holding Wallets

Trayvax is pleased to announce our new Referral Program. Send a friend a discount code for 10% off and you get $10 in Trayvax cash for every purchase.

Trayvax employees hold wallets for referral program

It’s easy to earn money and hook your friends up:

Step 1: Click here:
Step 2: Enter your name and email
Step 3: Enter your friend’s email and a message
Step 4: Click “Send Email”

You can also share the discount via Facebook with all your friends. There’s no limit to how much Trayvax cash you can earn.

The 10% off discount applies to the entire cart and is good for one single use. For more information, contact us at

Give some money while making some money with the Trayvax Referral Program!


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