Trayvax Culture: Cookout

Trayvax Culture: Cookout

Trayvax Culture: Cookout

Trayvax was founded on our principles and values to ensure our virtuous culture. A huge part of our culture is built around our sense of community. Once summer hit, it was time to hit the lake. Last Friday, to celebrate summer, we had a cookout at Lake Padden.

Everyone brought their families and friends to enjoy the sunshine, food, and the festivities. Deep fried chicken, chicken wraps, chips, salads, and watermelon made for the perfect cookout. Then our Ski to Sea team came and gathered everyone for baseball, Frisbee, and volleyball games to work off our meal. Then back for round two!  

Trayvax Culture: Kids

We had a blast meeting everyone's families and finally placing faces to names we've heard numerous stories about. It was great connecting with everyone and learning how everyone planned to earn their story. Telling tales of trips to Machu Picchu or rafting the Grand Canyon is enough to get anyone excited! 

Trayvax Culture: Picnic

The cookout was a huge success! We plan on giving back and offering a cookout to our local community in the near future. There's nothing like sunshine, delicious food, and great stories to bring people together.  


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