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The sun is shining and our community is thriving. We, at Trayvax, are dedicated to giving back. When planning our volunteer opportunities for May, we actually had someone jump out of their seat in excitement at their new favorite event. For the first time in Trayvax (very short) history, we participated in an annual event for the second year in a row! Not bad considering we are only four years old.


Our overly excited volunteer drove nearly an hour out to a small town known as Maple Falls. Spending a few hours helping the East Whatcom Regional Resource Center throw a festival together to give back to the local families. Face painting was the highlight of the event for our HR Manager who brought a smile to every kid.


For the second year in a row, we helped build the Cyclocross trail for Ski to Sea. Six hours of weed whacking, mowing, mulching, and a well earned sunburn later and the trail was ready to ride. Knowing three hundred teams would be riding on this course the following weekend made everything worth it. Ski to Sea is the largest multi sport event in the world with 7 legs and over one thousand volunteers. We are proud to help with such an amazing event and have our Trayvax team competing once again!

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