What’s New for June? Talking Shop with Mark

Mark King, Trayvax

We’re back for another monthly installment of “Talking Shop with Mark.” Let’s see what Trayvax founder Mark King is up to this month.

Mark King, Trayvax

You recently created a couple of videos seeking advice from influential CEOs and the President of the United States. Why are you reaching out to these folks?

I think that it's important for our customers and potential customers to know why we're here and what our purpose is. We've been given this great opportunity to be transparent with our company because we are entirely US based and operated. A message doesn't mean much if folks don't have context. So I want our organizational message to be far reaching AND have context. We are here to make a positive difference in the lives of people and a positive difference in the world. Why the President and CEOs? Whether or not folks like any of them is not what the conversation revolves around. It's whether or not they are the types of people that have broken past adversity and achieved great things. That's the person that I want to talk to and seek to better understand.

Have you heard back from anyone that you’ve reached out to yet?

The folks at JM Family Enterprises have reached out and I'm excited for the opportunity to be around professionals that have maintained such an efficient and well respected organization. They're far across the country in Florida, so I will be sure to wear a touristy floral shirt and show off lots of pasty leg to passersby.

Are you planning on launching any new products in the coming months?

There is A LOT of good momentum building in the company, and behind the scenes we are working to create new innovative products that our customers can rely on for life. Look out for a new wallet, some US made apparel, and a very rugged backpack. We test our new products against our 65 year warranty, so they take a while to launch. That's the name of the game! No shortcuts.

Are there any other Made in USA manufacturers that have drawn your attention? Why?

I spent my savings on an electric skateboard the other day. It's one of those moments that you mull over justifying the purchase but your will-power stops working. So you just buy the thing anyway. It's by a company called "Onewheel." Their promo video sold me and their "Made in USA” label sealed the deal. They're an up and coming company and getting orders faster than they can fill them. Kudos to them!

Which Trayvax wallet are you carrying right now?

I keep giving my wallet away to folks that I meet. That's one of my favorite things to do and I'm grateful to be able to. I get unlimited access to free wallets and giving them away makes me feel like Santa himself.  So I don't have a wallet right now. Tomorrow I'll grab a Summit in grey



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Rick Brown

Rick Brown

Mark,I saw your truck out in the parking lot on the way to work the other day. (We met at the McEvoy gas pump last year & you gave me a TRAYVAX wallet after I told you I recognized you from you Youtube videos)What is that big aluminum thing you built on the bed? Is it modeled after your Airstream? A new camper concept? Rick Brown, Production Supervisor, itekENERGY.

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