American Manufacturing

Bringing Back American Manufacturing

Bringing Back American Manufacturing

For decades American companies have been outsourcing production. It is time to bring back American manufacturing! Let's bring back American jobs, USA quality, and the American economy to its former glory. 

Growing American manufacturing is important to all of us here at Trayvax. As a matter of fact, it's the only way we are going to reach our 40-year vision of creating 5000 American jobs to support 5000 American families. We hope that by providing respectable jobs, long lasting gear, working with American vendors, and donating to different non profit organizations, we will be able to help our Nation and set an example as to how other companies should conduct themselves in the United States. 

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We share our purpose with many different American Manufacturing companies. With their help, we hope to inspire more companies to adopt similar responsibilities and grow the list of American made companies.

How Can We Bring Back American Manufacturing?

Two major steps need to be complete in order to gain momentum for American Manufacturing which Mike Rowe does a brilliant job of pointing out. The first step is breaking away from the mindset of manufacturing jobs and different trade jobs being "second rate jobs." 


These jobs are essential to growing the American manufacturing industry and bringing jobs back to the States. We have pushed the last few generations towards a four year degree in liberal arts and have moved away from trade schools, apprenticeships, community colleges, and other forms of education where we are now lacking. In the coming years, there will be demand for millions of jobs that require skills we no longer have. Therefore, the second step is to expand the US manufacturing work force. 


It is time to empower one another to ensure our future. Without these skills, focus, and drive American manufacturing will never be successful. Do your part to support American manufacturing!


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