Top Wedding Gift Ideas: Brides to Best Man


Top Wedding Gift Ideas 2020: Brides to Best Man

“It is wedding season!” is a famous quote from Wedding Crashers. Notoriously referring to late spring to fall in which weddings are most common. If you had wedding plans for this season chances are 2020 had something to do with it. Due to the rising concerns of a global pandemic, a common theme was to reschedule for a later date or downsize the wedding list.

The decision is a hard one as many dream of their wedding celebration for years. It is a special day that ripples for a lifetime of happiness. Finding the perfect gift can be a major hurdle in these uncertain times. A unique gift, that is high quality, stylish, useful and will last a lifetime? 

Look no further, we created this convenient Wedding Gift Guide to “wow!” the bride and groom or (if you are the bride or groom) great group gift ideas for the wedding party.

Adding a Personalized Touch: Laser Engraving

Before suggesting gift ideas, consider engraving your new Trayvax product when ordering. Laser engraving is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day gift giving. As simple as a first and last name, a funny nickname or a phrase that rides out that inside joke long after the wedding.

We are currently offering laser engraving for select products, please make sure the product you want engraved is available. Upon checkout you will see an “ENGRAVE IT” button appear, read & accept the terms. The box will appear similar to the one below. 


Email with any questions on engraving.

Best Wedding Gifts for Women

Everyone wants a gift that represents a strong relationship and lasting friendship. Buying something with longevity in mind is highly suggested. A gift that is durable for years to come and provides convenience in daily tasks. 

At Trayvax, we thrive to do just that - create products that last forever. Every product is gender neutral and can be and have been enjoyed by everyone. With that said, select products stand out to be enjoyed by women.

Roam Clutch


-Large cell phone pouch on back of clutch
-3 snap closures for keeping gear safe
-4 attachment points on edges of clutch
-Holds 12 cards
-Soft wool interior
-Discreet mini pouches for chapstick or keys

The Roam is available in a Mini-Clutch as well, the major difference is the cellphone back stash pocket. Designed to beat the leading leather clutch brands on the market, the Roam is dual purpose with the option of a wristlet or over the shoulder carry. Our leather is what sets us apart from our competitors. We use full grain leather, the best of the best, because overtime it will take to a patina look that is custom to each individual. 

Renegade + Link EDC Lanyard Product Combo

-Durable leather zipper wallet
-Zippered pouch for secure storage
-Latigo leather
-Heavy-duty nylon stitching
-YKK zippers
-Lockable zipper pull
-Coated rivets
-Attachment point
-Dual internal compartments

Being efficient on the daily grind can be one of the best gifts you can get someone on their special day. As the “hooray’s” of the wedding fades away make sure the gift you get aids to their everyday life. The Renegade is a slim, minimalist wallet that slides conveniently into front pockets. While still leaving space for receipts, chapstick and loose change, this dual compartment zipper wallet will keep all belongings locked and secure.

Link EDC Lanyard


-Quick release
-Custom carabiner
-Climb-spec nylon
-Top-grain oil-tanned leather
-Durable Melanite finish

A good product combo compliments one another just as a pair of wedding dates do. The Link EDC Lanyard is the product that stacks well with others. The custom stainless steel carabiner attaches perfectly to all of our products with attachment points. The 360-degree swivel release is quick and easy for an on-the-go lifestyle.

The Renegade and Link pair well together because of the designed lock zipper on the Renegade. Upon zippering the wallet close, latch the loose end over the attachment point & then attach the Link EDC carabiner for wallet security that is hard to replicate. This provides a feeling of safety, knowing the carabiner needs to be removed in order to open the wallet. 

Best Wedding Gifts for Men

Buying gifts for the modern man is a dilemma that many question. How can I buy something that he will love and will not end up collecting dust in a drawer?

To buy something that will have meaning and an useful purpose in a man’s life can be a challenge. Look no further, Trayvax has won accolades by reputable sources such as the New York Times for our minimalist wallet designs. We make rugged, durable products that men crave. Show some man love with any of the options below.

Minimalist Wallets 


This could be the last wallet this person owns, choose wisely! Good gifts for men are hard to come by. We have a range of metal and leather wallets that allow for different card capacities & functions. 

Here is a guide to choosing the best wallet for any lifestyle. Our best sellers include the OG 2.0, The Contour and The Ascent. Do not forget the custom engraving!

Trek Field Knife + Cinch Belt Product Combo


-Lightweight Skeletonized Frame
-3.5" Hybrid Blade
-Premium CPM S35VN Stainless Steel
-Made in USA

This is the gift I am giving to every groom, or if I was a groom - everyone at the bachelor party is getting one of these knives. The Trek Field Knife is the ultimate manly man’s gift. The skeletonized frame makes it one of the strongest knives on the market. 

It’s lightweight design & combo right, or combo left sheath carry option with move with you on long treks. It is great for prepping meals by the campfire, sheering up some kindling to start a fire or everyday kitchen use. Here is a Trek Knife review from Talon Sei.

Cinch Belt


-Simple Design Lasts Forever
-CNC Made
-Hand assembled
-Adjustable, Compatible & Customizable
-Interchanging/ Replacement Buckles & Webbing
-Compatible with Trek Knife

The Cinch Belt is designed to tighten quickly and not loosen. This minimalist heavy duty belt is constructed to last a lifetime, making it a worthwhile one time purchase. It pairs perfectly with the Trek Field Knife - obviously we designed the leather sheath around the width of the Cinch belt.

Weddings are joyful days destined for everlasting love and happiness. We hope you enjoy this extended wedding season & this guide helped in finding the perfect gift!

Let us know how your friends and family are enjoying the products in the comments below. 


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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