by Gerald Craft June 05, 2017 2 min read

At Trayvax, we want you to hand your items down to future generations, as opposed to landfills. To help ensure that we can make that promise come true, all Trayvax products come backed with our 65-year heirloom warranty.

trayvax element rugged leather wallet

The moment we made the switch from “lifetime warranty” to “65-year heirloom warranty,” we instantly had people up in arms. “What happened to lifetime?” “Are they turning their back on us…”

Despite making a change to our verbiage, nothing has changed. We still stand behind our products for a lifetime and we’ll never turn our back on our loyal customers. So why make the switch, you might ask?

It really comes down to testing. When we begin concepting a product, that product must fall within certain parameters, including NOT sourcing materials outside of the United States and ensuring that our products can withstand a lifetime of abuse.

But what constitutes a lifetime? When we start running concepts through the wringer, we need to set some type of standard. Before we begin manufacturing any product for our customers we test the concept by mimicking years of abuse. However, do we need to mimic 100 years of use? 50 years? There simply needs to be a standard for testing. We chose 65 years. Why 65 years?

Because the average life expectancy in the United States is about 80 years old and our typical customer is 15-65. That being said, a 65-year warranty should equate to a lifetime for just about all of our customers.

Now, if someone bought their wallet 66 years ago would we still stand behind the warranty? Of course we would. We just had to assign a number, because "lifetime" isn't really representative of anything and makes it difficult when trying to set standards and parameters for testing.

Just because the language has changed, doesn’t mean we won’t stand behind the product for a lifetime. We just can’t promise a “lifetime” of use without assigning some type of number to that “lifetime.” Know this, however: Trayvax will always stand behind our products and will always do right by you, the customer. Nothing's changed about that.


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