The Bad Groomsman Gifts You Don't Know About

The Bad Groomsman Gifts You Don't Know About

Some groomsmen's gifts are better than others, but these gifts aren’t the best. In this post, we’ll explain some of the less-popular groomsmen gifts, and what to get your groomsmen instead.


They’re cheap, they’re useful… But they’re rather pedestrian. Getting your groomsmen pens, even if they’re personalized, probably won’t go over well. Instead, try a keychain. It’s still useful, but not as clinical as a pen. The carabiner clip keychain known as the Talon is a great choice. It’s great for keeping their keys safe, but it also functions as two screwdrivers and a bottle opener.

keyton clip carabiner keychain

Your groomsmen can use the top part for any flathead screws, and the bottom for Phillips Heads. And when they’re done with their repair work, they’ll be able to open their favorite drinks. These fancy keychains will be the talk of the reception after the wedding itself, and your groomsmen will be happy to share where they got them from. Isn’t that much better than some personalized pen set?

Gift Cards

Gift cards feel a bit impersonal for an event as personal as a wedding.  Even if you put them in a card, or they’re decorated, they’re still not the best. A better gift would be a wallet to put gift cards into. The Trayvax Original 2.0 is a metal front-pocket wallet that’s cheap enough to get multiples of and comes in several fun colors. They’re made from stainless steel, airplane-grade aluminum, and paracord. And best of all, they’re popular. There are thousands of five-star reviews for this wallet, and your groomsmen will likely add to them. Make them smile with something personal.

Feminine/Pink Items

You could get some feminine items for your groomsmen as a joke, but it won’t go over well, especially if it’s the only gift. To be funny, though, you can hide something else in some pink tissue paper. It could be something small, like a Trayvax water bottle.

They’ll laugh at the pink paper, but be thrilled to see the bottle buried within. It’s a useful present too, perfect for both hot and cold drinks. The wide-mouth design and multiple color choices make it a great option for larger groom parties. Best of all, it’s dishwasher-safe, so it’s easy to clean. These water bottles are fun, functional, and less likely to make your friends angry than some hair scrunchies given as a joke.

Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug is a common groomsmen gift, but is it a good one? Not really. For one, you can get them for about a dollar apiece at a thrift store. For another, the coffee mug is associated with being exhausted and grumpy, and you don’t want that association with your wedding. But a good association with your wedding is a warm, fuzzy feeling.


You can give that feeling with an unconventional gift: The Trayvax hoodie. It’s soft on the inside, and can keep the wearer warm in temperatures as cold as 50° F (10° C). In sizes from S to XL, there’s bound to be one to fit everyone in the wedding party. And they’re unisex, so your wife can give them to her bridesmaids too. Everyone will want these gifts, especially if they’re given instead of coffee mugs.

Pocket Watches

Nowadays, most people have a way to tell the time in their pocket. And no, it isn’t a watch; it’s their cell phone. Very few people will have room for both a watch and a phone in the same pocket, either. So a pocket watch is a bit of a dud gift. What would go well, on the other hand, is a way to make their phones a bit more useful. The Summit Grip can do just that. It pairs with the Summit Notebook Wallet to make a cell phone into a card holder, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. If you can buy the Summit wallet to go with it, all the better. No one will regret receiving this, or donate it to Goodwill.

notebook wallet

In Conclusion

It’s easy to make mistakes when shopping for groomsmen gifts. Try to stay away from things like pens and coffee mugs, as they feel a bit too generic. Pocket watches are obsolete, and joke gifts tend to fall flat. Instead, try some Trayvax items. A water bottle would work nicely, or a warm hoodie for those cold nights. Wallets and keychains are always useful too, as is a cell phone card holder. Choose your groomsmen’s gifts wisely.

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