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Trending Groomsmen Presents Of 2021

Trending Groomsmen Presents Of 2021

2021 has been a strange year for weddings. Some were smaller, some took place in different venues, and quite a few didn’t happen at all. But what hasn’t changed is the idea of groomsmen gifts. In this post, we’ll tell you some of the trendiest groomsmen gifts of the year.

Bottle Openers

Every man wants a way to open his beer, so a bottle opener will go over well. But what if a bottle opener could also be a comb and a way to keep your cards safe? Your groomsmen will go crazy for the Shift Wallet Comb. This little gadget has two varieties of teeth: Wider ones for thick hair and beards, and finer ones for styling. It can even be used right before the wedding, to touch up their hair before they head down the aisle. Then at the reception, they can use it to open their beers. They’ll love it, and it’s durable enough to last long after the wedding.

Pocket Knives

Men like blades, and shiny metal, so a pocket knife makes for a fantastic groomsmen gift. If your groomsmen are particularly outdoorsy, a Trek Field Knife is a great idea. It’s sharp enough to cut through wood, it’s a glass breaker knife, and it feels almost weightless in the hand. But some risks come from such a dangerous groomsman gift. They might blame you if they get hurt, and there’s always the risk of their new knife being illegal in their home state. You don’t want your friends getting arrested over your gift, after all. But if you play it smart, this flashy knife will make for a perfect groomsmen gift.

Personalized Gifts

If there’s one thing people love, it’s personalized gifts. Get something nice, engrave a name in it, and your groomsmen will love it. For something that’s both personal and useful, try the carabiner clip keychain lanyard, the Trayvax Link. The leather option can be engraved with their names, or some personal messages, to make a special day even more so. Everyone will be asking them where they got the keychains, and you can rest assured that they’ll tell them it was from you. They’ll smile every time they see the engraving too, so it’ll make for a wonderful reminder of a wonderful day.


For a gift your groomsmen will always use, a wallet is a great choice. If you want a fun wallet that won’t break the bank, get your special guys some Trayvax Original 2.0 wallets. These cool metal wallets are easy to carry, come in several colors, and are the most popular wallets we have. They’re RFID-resistant, too, and made of two strong metals and durable paracord. They’ll survive the trip home, and everything beyond it. Make your groomsmen smile with these incredible wallets.

original slim front pocket wallet

Drink Holders

From the classic flask to the humble water bottle, thirsty groomsmen tend to need something to drink out of. An engraved flask, fun decanter, or travel mug is the traditional form these take, but what about a nice, large bottle? We have one here at Trayvax. It comes in three fun colors, is great for both hot and cold beverages, and is even dishwasher safe. And it’s inexpensive, so there’ll be more money for the honeymoon. Surprise your groomsmen with these water bottles, and you’ll be the toast of the town.’

water bottle

Belts and Buckles

For a less-than-formal 2021 wedding, getting your groomsmen a matching set of belts won’t go wrong. Our Cinch belts are some of the best leather-free belts money can buy. Your groomsmen can mix and match different buckle colors, including two new ones. Forest Green and Titanium belt buckles have just come onto our site, and they’re going to look great on our belts. A belt can be worn wherever you go, so your groomsmen will wear their favorite mementos around their waists.

cinch belt

In Conclusion

2021 groomsmen gifts aren’t as different as you’d think they are. Some things aren’t as trendy in these unprecedented times, but many good things are. And no matter what you give your groomsmen, it’ll make for a fun memory of your wedding. Whether it’s something practical like a wallet or a belt, something important like a water bottle, a fun personalized keychain, or even a useful pocket knife, there’s a gift for every wedding or budget. To find the best deals and trends, try a Trayvax product. Most are backed by a 65-year warranty, and all are made in America.

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