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When shopping for a RFID wallet the most important thing to look for is metal, the more metal the more resistant a wallet is to RFID scanning technology. Learn more about RFID scanning here. At Trayvax we have incorporated sleek metal frames with the high quality leather to keep your information safe while maintaining the classic leather look and feel. No need to sacrifice safety for the look you know, and want. The RFID resistant leather wallets have arrived!

Trayvax Leather RFID Resistant Wallets

The Element

Trayvax’s very first leather wallet the Element, equipped with it’s solid stainless steel frame measures 80% in RFID resistance. The Element also featurestop grain oil tanned leather, MIL-SPEC paracord, a money clip and a bottle opener. The Element easily fits 3-10 cards and up to 1-5 bills. More than our other wallets, the Element is known for developing a custom patina as it is used, creating a unique look and feel over time.

The Contour

Our top of the line wallet, the Contour is the second leather wallet Trayvax ever produced.The Contour’s tastefully slim stainless steel plate establishes it’s 70.5% RFID resistant classification. In addition to top-grain oil-tanned leather, this customer favorite integrates titanium aluminum nitride coating on it’s steel plates. The Contour is ready for anything with its slim profile, integrated bottle opener, tasteful attachment point and adjustable sliding clasp. Whether you take it on forest adventures or out for a nice dinner the Contour is always dressed for the occasion.

The Ascent

Our newest addition to the Trayvax family, the Ascent features a solid stainless steel frame making it qualify for its RFID resistant status. Unlike it’s big brothers the Contour and the Element, the Ascent truly defines a slim carry. Find yourself sitting on your wallet fairly often? the Ascent’s the EDC wallet for you. The Ascent is the only Trayvax that features an easy access card slot with pull tab making accessing your card easier than ever.

We also have full metal models including RFID Protection

Trayvax metal RFID protected wallets


The Summit

Our classic minimalist carry, the Summit. The Summit in combination with its Armor Plate  is our most RFID resistant carry. It tests up to 95% effective in reflecting and deferring RFID scanning technology. Along with being the most bang for your buck, the Summit comes with heavy duty nylon webbing, a capacity of 1-8 cards and 1-5 bills and our 65 year warranty!

The Axis

The only bifold Trayvax carries is the sturdy Axis. It’s two metal plates help it place second (only 1% lower than the Summit!) of our wallets for our most RFID resistant carry. An understated staple of the Trayvax collection the Axis offers more than just protection. The Axis can hold 1-4 cards and 1-8 bills all held together with MIL-SPEC paracord. With the option of a durable cerakote coating or melonite finish on it’s stainless steel frame the Axis can be customized for any lifestyle.

It’s hard to go wrong with these RFID resistant options, and few RFID protecting carries have the unique look and variety of functions Trayvax products offers. This is where RFID safety and high quality, handmade leather wallets collide. Want to learn more about RFID and how we test RFID resistance click here!

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