Our Leather

Our Leather

Trayvx Top-grain leather


Would you rather have a product that’s an identical replica of thousands more or a one of kind handmade item unique to you?

We pride ourselves in making quality gear that stands out from the crowd and there’s no reason our leather should be any different. Our American cows had a lifetime of experiences etched into their hide and there’s plenty of room for you to add yours.

No two leather Trayvax wallets are exactly the same, especially once the patina begins to set in. Don’t worry, we remove all marks that look downright nasty or might affect function from our leather. Look out for small aesthetic effects on our leather such as blemishes and battle scars to see what really makes your wallet unique!

The Bottom Line

We use USA-sourced, top-grain leather that has been oil-tanned for increased durability and flexibility. Our number one priority is making the most functional wallet that will last long enough for you to pass down.

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Greg Lasky

Greg Lasky

These wallets are a total nock out of the park. I have 3 do to being a quadriplegic. I found that all models that I have are 100% out of this world and it makes my MONEY and Cards safer the the old style crap out there. I am trying to save up for the top wallet with the gold accent. From my chech from the disability each month. The new style that holder more cash. Please keep making all them better ?

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