How to Transform Your Cell Phone into a Wallet with the Summit Grip

How to Transform Your Cell Phone into a Wallet with the Summit Grip

We're pleased to introduce the Summit Grip cell phone wallet attachment. This lightweight piece of aluminum sticks to cell phones using a heavy-duty 3M VHB adhesive. Once the Summit Grip attachment is affixed, it will safely secure your Summit wallet to your cell phone.

Summit Grip attached to cell phone

Here's how to transform your cell phone into a wallet:


Step 1: Insert Summit wallet into Summit Grip

Step 1a: Slide tab on top of Summit Grip under Summit wallet money clip

Step 1b: Place thumb on bottom of Summit Grip and snap into place

Step 2: Remove adhesive backing by peeling up a corner

Step 3: Affix Summit and Summit Grip to back of phone (Summit wallet attachment loop should be facing up)

NOTE: Ensure Summit and Summit Grip are not blocking cameras or recognition sensors

Step 5: Apply slight pressure for 15 seconds


TO AFFIX: Slide Summit wallet money clip over Summit Grip tab and use thumb pressure to snap bottom of Summit wallet into place.

TO REMOVE: Lift up on the bottom of the Summit wallet, while pressing down on the top

You've now transformed your cell phone into a wallet. Never hesitate to contact us with questions at


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