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Get a Grip! Introducing Our New Cell Phone Wallet Attachment

We’re pleased to introduce the Summit Grip. This handy little attachment will convert your cell phone into a wallet. The Summit Grip works in conjunction with our Summit minimalist wallet.

Summit Grip attached to cell phone

The Summit Grip is a CNC-machined aluminum attachment piece that is affixed to the back of your cell phone. We utilize a heavy-duty 3M VHB adhesive that provides a strong bond, but won’t leave a sticky residue if removed.

Summit Grip on back of iPhone

Simply stick the Summit Grip to the back of your cell phone and slide the Summit wallet directly onto the attachment. You now have a lightweight card holder for phones.

NOTE: The Summit Grip only works in conjunction with the Summit Wallet (sold separately). Not recommended for use on silicone phone cases.



  • Elsina Edmond

    Wallet is a mobile accessories i purchase it it is very helpful because it protect my mobile from daily hazards. And also it put me ATM Card and other important card on it.
    Mobile Accessories

  • Eliza

    I use the wallet attachment it is very help its protect my cell phone and I put my important cards on it.

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