How Do I Keep My Credit Card Safe?

How Do I Keep My Credit Card Safe?

There are a lot of risks to credit cards these days. They can be cracked, demagnetized, stolen, or even skimmed. Don’t worry, though, Trayvax’s wallets can help negate most of these risks.  

Physical Damage

If your credit card is just floating around loosely in your pocket, you might sit on it and crack it. It can be scratched if dropped. It could even break if the forces are strong enough. These could render your card useless. Fortunately, there’s a wallet that can protect from these things: A Trayvax Element. It’s a front pocket wallet with a rugged design, and the durability to back it up. Its stainless-steel frame won’t shatter on impact, and being stepped on will barely scuff it. Not even a puddle of mud or water will get in the way. You don’t have to worry about any physical damage to your cards when they’re in this tough little wallet.


Sometimes, a credit card stripe will refuse to work. Upon closer inspection, you might find that it was in the same pouch as a camera or phone. This is called demagnetization. It can happen with things other than your phone, though, such as when a cashier takes the security chip off of a DVD. Any strong magnets can mess up your cards. Keep them safe in a Roam clutch. You can put your phone in the rear pouch, where it’ll be far enough from your cards. It may have its own magnet for its clasp, but this is weak enough that it shouldn’t cause any trouble. It can also protect against the other magnets that could ruin your cards. In short, a Roam will keep your important cards safe from magnets.

roam clutch


Credit cards are prime targets for thieves. To keep your cards safely on your person, try a Renegade wallet with zipper. The zipper pull is lockable, and the attachment point can be easily clipped to a wallet chain or wrist strap. The Renegade is a long wallet and a good thief deterrent. It’ll take them far too long to get it detached, and they’ll move on to an easier target. Or you may feel them tugging on your wallet and stop them that way. However, you do it, your cards won’t get stolen.

RFID Blocking

Credit card technology has changed a lot in recent years. Nowadays, you don’t even have to take out your credit card to pay for your grocery bill. With this new convenience, however, comes new risk. Thieves have made machines to steal the data from your cards just from you walking past. But there’s a way to beat that. Many of Trayvax’s fine wallets are RFID-blocking. And if you want the best of the best in RFID-blocking, the Summit wallet is the way to go. It has up to 95.1% resistance, so nothing can scan your card unless you want it to. And if you want it to hold more than credit cards, it can become a notebook wallet with just a few add-ons. It can be used for ideas and doodles as well as shrugging off harmful signals. In short, the Summit will keep everything safe.

Putting it All Together

For a wallet that can withstand physical damage, theft, magnets and RFID signals, try the Original 2.0. It’s made of stainless steel and airplane-grade aluminum, so it can withstand drops, stomps, and puddles. Securing it to the inside of your pocket is easy with its strong attachment point. The metal frame protects it from both magnets and harmful RFID signals. With all these features, it’s no wonder the Original 2.0 is our best-selling wallet. Give it a try for yourself, see why thousands of people love it, and then hand it down to your son when you’re done with it.

original wallet

In Conclusion

It’s a dangerous world out there for a credit card. It could get broken, stolen, demagnetized, or skimmed. But with our great wallets, you can keep your cards safer. Try an Element if you want something that can stand up to rough days, or a Summit to keep skimmers away. A Roam can protect from magnets, and a Renegade will deter any thieves. But if you want the total package, the popular Original 2.0 is the wallet you’re looking for. Whatever risks you’ll be taking with your cards, a Trayvax can help negate them. And when you’re done with it, keep it in the family with our Heirloom Warranty.

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