How Are Knives Made?

How Are Knives Made?

Pocket knives are very useful tools, and making them is no easy task. They’re made in multiple steps, and some are more complicated than others. The Trayvax Trek isn’t as complicated, but does have an interesting manufacturing process. We’ll be taking a closer look at how a pocket knife is made in this post.

Making the Blade

The blade is the most important part of a knife. You need to pick the perfect type of steel. For a Trayvax Trek, that’s premium S35VN stainless steel. This metal ranks highly in all properties and can last as long as you do. Other knives use other stainless steel configurations. These configurations differ in strength and toughness, or might not make knives that are as sharp, but every knife is different.

It all starts with forging the metal. The steel is heated up to malleable temperatures. From there, some knives are cut out of metal die, and some, like the Trek, are milled and cut with a CNC machine. This is also how we make our cool metal wallets and belt buckles. CNC machines are more precise than traditional die-cutting methods, at the cost of being a bit more complicated to set up initially. The Trayvax Trek is made this way, and the quality shows.

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Handle with Care

On most knives, the handle is made separately. It can be made from plastic, metal, bone, or other materials. They can be carved, poured into molds, or CNC milled. However they’re made, they’re as varied and important as the blades themselves. A handle can be made in two parts for a folding blade, or a single part for a fixed blade.

On the other hand, our Trek knife is all one piece of steel. This is called a “full-tang” knife. Partial tang knives only have the metal penetrate the handle a small amount. A full-tang knife, like a Trek, either has the metal all the way through the handle or is the handle itself. Everything from the skeletonizing to the thumb jimping is carefully milled by CNC. The Trek comes in two configurations, depending on your dominant hand, with the handle facing accordingly. If you aren’t a fan of its skeletonized frame, you can easily cover it with handle scales or paracord.

Making it Look Nice

Handles are painted, blades are polished, and labels are engraved. Some knives are flashier than others, and some are understated. Our Trek, being a single piece of steel, is polished to a shining finish. The logo is engraved where the blade and handle meet. It doesn’t need much more than that to look impressive; the blade does all the talking on its own.

Another knife may have its handle painted in wild colors, while another simply has a logo put on. Some are just sold as is. However a knife looks, it’s all up to the factory to make it look good enough to sell.

It All Comes Together

In the end, it’s all attached, and a fixed-blade knife finds its sheath. In the Trek’s case, the sheath is made of the same material as your favorite slim minimalist wallet. The knives are packaged, shipped to their warehouses, then to their buyers. In our case, the knives go off the manufacturing line and right into the warehouse, which is in the same building.


When you order a Trayvax knife, you know you’re getting the best. The precision and quality of the CNC-machined metal shines through, quite literally. It’s polished to show off the quality of the metal. This knife may not be cheap, but it’s worth it for how sharp and durable it is. And that’s all thanks to the delicate and precise process of CNC machining. Keep us in mind if you want a top-quality knife.

In Conclusion

Knife manufacturing is a complicated process, with as many different processes as there are knives. Some knives are complicated, with multiple moving parts to install. Others, like the Trayvax Trek, are simple pieces of metal that are mostly made by computers. However they’re made, each knife is different, and designed for the customer. A folding-blade knife takes more parts and care to assemble, so it might not have the best-quality metal. An antler-handled knife has a different way of being polished than one with a plastic handle. But if you need a knife that’s simple, durable, and sharp, get a Trayvax Trek. With its strong sheath and long warranty, you’ll love this American knife for life.

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