The Best Pocket Knife Brands Of 2021

The Best Pocket Knife Brands Of 2021

2021 has been quite a year, and the knives made this year have reflected the unique wants and needs of it. There are knives for everyone and every budget, but these five brands stood out the most. From the versatile Swiss Army knife to the stylish Cold Steel, to the simple and sharp Trayvax Trek, here are some of 2021’s best knife brands.

#5: Cold Steel

With their viral videos, Cold Steel’s collection of knives has been getting plenty of attention this year. They have several knife styles, with both fixed and folding blades. Some of these knives look downright crazy but are still sharp enough to cut through meat with ease. Unfortunately, fame, exciting videos, and variety don’t stop this knife from landing at the bottom of our list. Most of their knives are fairly ordinary, but even those aren’t cheap. And if you want one of their more unique knives, they’re even more expensive. If you don’t want to spend every penny in your tactical wallet, avoid Cold Steel knives.

#4: Benchmade

Benchmade is famous for its Bugout knife. This folding knife is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers thanks to its sharpness and ease of use. The company started out making butterfly knives and was originally named after these knives. They later branched out and made their expanded collection, including the Bugout and the Griptilian. While they’re high-quality, they aren’t cheap. The Bugout knife is $155, but to a knife collector, camper, or hiker, it can be worth the price. Overall, it’s a good knife, but not the best.

#3 Emerson Knives

Emerson knives are tactical weapons first and foremost, but they can still be used around the house and outdoors. They have both fixed and folding blade knives, all of which are high quality. These knives are visually appealing and useful. The cost makes this knife a purchase you’ll have to carefully consider, but the durability makes it worth the price. It’s American-made, so buying one helps the national economy. The only thing keeping this brand out of the top two is the occasional quality control issue. Sometimes, there are issues in the warranty as well, so this knife isn’t the best. But it’s a solid choice for a knife collector or military enthusiast.

#2: Swiss Army

The term “Swiss Army Knife” is synonymous with versatility, and it’s not hard to see why. These multi-tool pocket knives are classic and easy to recognize. Their knives can have anywhere from 1 to 73 different tools built into the handle. Whether you need a knife or a corkscrew, this knife has it. They’re easy to handle and the tool can be changed quickly. While they can be expensive, the versatility, ease of use, and brand recognition make it worth it. A Swiss Army Knife is a good investment for the future, no matter what you’ll be doing.

trek knife

#1: Trayvax

And of course, the best pocket knife brand is Trayvax. Our Trek is solidly built and tough enough to stand up to anything. And like Emerson, Trayvax Trek knives are American-made, so every penny you spend on them stays in the national economy. The sheath is made from the same leather as our slim minimalist wallets, so it’s built to last too. This knife is great for everyday carry, but also in emergencies. Whatever you want to do with this knife, it’s up for it.

Take it camping to cut back brush and chop up ingredients for your outdoor dinner. Bring it to your fishing trip to cut through tangled lines and fillet your catch. Use it indoors for your cardboard boxes, kitchen work, and even cutting paper. In emergencies, use it to cut through a jammed seat belt and break the glass on your windshield. Whatever you need it for, the Trayvax Trek is a great knife.

In Conclusion

There have been a lot of great knives in 2021. Cold Steel has some unique knives, but most of them aren’t exceptional. Benchmade knives are famous in the community but can get expensive. Emerson knives tend to be more useful as weapons than tools, and Swiss Army knives live up to their name in versatility.

But the all-around best knife brand in 2021 is Trayvax. The Trek stands strong as a durable, useful knife for every situation. Whether it’s cutting through paracord, chopping onions, or breaking a windshield after a car crash, the Trek is the best knife for any outdoor adventurer.

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