Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Best Presents for Parents

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Christmas is coming. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t know what to get their parents for Christmas, don’t worry -- we’ve got you covered. From wallets to wine, this article will list seven things that your parents will love to receive this holiday season.

#1 Passport Wallet

Do mom and dad love to travel? This Christmas, surprise them with passport holders with their initials on them. Not only will they protect your parents’ passports from wear and tear, but they will also keep them safe from RFID (radio-frequency identification) skimming. Even if you won’t be able to watch their backs on trips you weren’t invited to, you can trust that their RFID-blocking wallets will.

The Trayvax Explorer Wallet is a passport holder that also functions as a front pocket wallet. Inside, you’ll find plenty of space for cash, cards, receipts, tickets, and much more. You can even engrave it if you’re the sentimental type.

#2 Gift Card

Gift cards are the way to go if you aren’t sure what to get. Although gift cards can seem thoughtless, they are actually practical. Your parents will be able to buy whatever they want, whether it’s a bifold wallet for men, a ballpoint pen, etc. They’d probably prefer having freedom than having to return your gift. Best of all, you can buy gift cards online, so you don’t have to drive to the nearest Walmart to get one.

#3 Notebook Sleeve

Your parents likely write their to-do lists the traditional way -- on their notebook. If your parents haven’t discovered the convenience of the Notes app, chances are that they bring a bulky notebook everywhere they go. Make life easier for your folks by giving them a notebook sleeve for the holidays. The Trayvax Summit Notebook Sleeve has the profile of a bifold wallet for men, but it can be used as a men’s notebook wallet. If you’re giving this to your parents, you might as well give them a pocket notepad, too.

notebook sleeve leather

#4 Cellphone Wallet Attachment

Your parents -- or your friends who are parents -- will love this gift. It can be easy for parents that are constantly rushing out the door to forget one or two things, for instance, their smartphone and front pocket wallet. With a cellphone wallet attachment, they can worry less about whether they’ve brought everything. It can be combined with the Summit Wallet to connect your essentials at all times.

Alternatively, you could give your parents a carabiner clip keychain to consolidate their EDC, such as their front pocket wallet, car keys, house keys, etc., into one unit.

#5 Ballpoint Pen

If you’re looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with a pen. After all, who doesn’t need a pen? However, don’t buy any ordinary pen -- the holidays require something unique such as a bullet space pen. Bullet space pens can write at altitudes of 12,500 and in temperatures of −35 to 120 °C. This is because bullet pens are used by astronauts -- it’s the type of pen that your parents wouldn’t want to lose. It is also smaller than a standard pen, so your parents can carry it with other essentials like a front pocket wallet.

#6 Leather Wallet

Your parents have probably been using the same wallet for far too long. This holiday season, spoil them with a classic leather wallet that complements their style. If your father is outdoorsy, the Element Wallet will make a great gift thanks to its rugged look.

element leather slim wallet

#7 RFID Blocker

Your parents aren’t likely aware of the risks that come with their credit cards. That is what makes an RFID-blocking card a great gift idea. Instead of asking your parents to trade their wallets for RFID-blocking wallets, ask them to keep their credit cards in an RFID card. The Trayvax Armor Plate is crafted from stainless steel for a slim profile, allowing it to be kept in any kind of wallet. That way, your parents can go on a cruise or go sightseeing without having to worry about thieves.


The thought is what counts, but it would still be nice to surprise your parents or parent figures with an actual gift. If you still aren’t sure what to buy, why don’t you start by browsing Trayvax’s selection of wallets and accessories? Our high-quality goods are designed to last a long time -- long enough to be passed down the generations!

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