7 Types of Wallets for Men: Which Wallet Should You Buy?

7 Types of Wallets for Men: Which Wallet Should You Buy?

We can’t live without a wallet. We use them to carry cash, cards, passports, and other important items that we also can’t live without. Not only that, but we also use our wallets to show off our style. Since wallets come in a wide array of colors, styles, etc., we’re sure to find one that fits our character, whether bold or basic.

When shopping for a wallet, you should choose the one that complements your style and lifestyle. Perhaps you’re a globe-trotter who needs a metal RFID wallet, or a businessman that aims to impress with a cool metal wallet. When it comes to wallets, there’s no “one wallet” for all.

There are thousands of wallets out there, so, understandably, you’d have a hard time choosing only one. To help you out, here you will find a list of the different wallets for men.

#1 Bi-Fold Wallet

The bi-fold for men is a classic. It’s what kids will draw when you ask them to draw a wallet. It’s what the standard wallet looks like in people’s minds.  A bi-fold wallet folds down the middle, providing convenient access to cards and cash. It also allows you to carry your cash flat if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like creases. The downside of a bi-fold wallet, however, is that it can look (and feel) bulky especially if it’s packed with cash.

notebook wallet leather

#2 Tri-Fold Wallet

If the bi-fold wallet for men isn’t as spacious as you’d prefer, you can count on the classic trifold wallet to offer all of the space you’d need. The tri-fold wallet has plenty of compartments, so you can arrange your cards and cash accordingly. Similar to the bi-fold, the downside to the tri-fold is that it can feel uncomfortable when stuffed.

#3 Money Clip Wallet

A metal wallet with money clip is the ideal choice for the minimalist man. As a slim money clip wallet, it’s designed to hold the bare bones, such as a couple of cards and some cash. Due to their slim profile, you can comfortably carry them in your pants pocket without worrying about the awkward bulge. It’s also worth noting that some money clip wallets can double as bi-fold wallets for men, such as the Trayvax Axis Wallet.

axis wallet slim

#4 Checkbook Wallet

A checkbook wallet or a breast pocket wallet is the kind of wallet you’d likely find on a professional. It has more compartments than a trifold wallet, letting you carry your cards, cash, passport, checkbook, and all kinds of currencies. Keep in mind that you’ll have to carry the checkbook wallet in your suit jacket as it’s unlikely to fit in your front pocket.

#5 Coin Wallet

A coin wallet is bulkier than other kinds of wallets, but it’s your best bet if you live in a country where coins are considered the primary mode of payment. While it’s bulkier than a bi-fold wallet for men, it allows you to separate your coins from your cards. That way, your cards won’t get scratched easily. If you want a slim money clip wallet that can also hold coins, the Axis Wallet has a hidden coin holder.

#6 Credit Card Holder

Some people pay with plastic only. If you’re one of them, consider getting a credit cardholder or case. Designed for cards (e.g. credit cards, debit cards, discount cards, etc.), a cardholder holds only what you need -- nothing more. With clutter out of the way, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

If you pay with credit, be sure to buy a wallet with protection against radio-frequency identification (RFID). That way, you can protect your personal information from getting stolen by anyone with a scanner.

#7 Passport Wallet

You’ve probably heard about passport covers and passport sleeves, but have you heard about passport wallets? They look strikingly similar to passport sleeves but they’re designed to hold more things, including your credit cards, debit cards, vaccination card, cash, boarding passes, and so on. Again, be sure to buy one with RFID protection such as the Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet. Your passport has an RFID chip inside it that criminals can scan without you noticing.

passport wallet

What type of wallet should you buy?

It depends on what you want in a wallet. If you carry a lot of cards and cash, go for a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet. If you pay with credit, purchase a slim money clip wallet. If you’re worried about RFID skimming, buy an RFID-blocking wallet.

Whatever kind of wallet you’re looking for, you’re sure to something among our selection of men’s wallets. At Trayvax, we carefully craft our wallets to give you an accessory that you’ll love to use for a long, long time.

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