Giving Back: Earth Day

Giving Back: Earth Day

What did you do for Earth Day? Some ventured outside to enjoy nature. Others walked for science. Trayvax teamed up with AmeriCorps, Western Washington University, and Bellingham Parks and Recreation to help give back to our environment.

In less than 3 hours, 50 volunteers came together to plant nearly 300 trees for the Squalicum Creek Restoration Project. We split into 8 groups with leads organizing our efforts, volunteers from around the community planting tree after tree, and kids running around, passing out tools, and having the times of their lives.

The project is along a brand new interurban trail right down the street from our shop. This summer, we will be able to walk the trail on our lunch break and see salmon jumping next to our newly planted trees. We might even have a salmon BBQ work party to celebrate! 

This Restoration project is dedicated to restoring natural salmon habitat. "Squalicum Creek is Bellingham's largest salmon-bearing stream and is home to four out of the five types of Pacific salmon, as well as endangered steelhead trout," (City of Bellingham). Fishing is an important part of our economy which is why we need to do our part to protect salmon runs. Allowing salmon to thrive ensures this cornerstone of our economy will live on for future generations to enjoy. 

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