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Exploring the Summit Notebook Bundle

Exploring the Summit Notebook Bundle

Last month we highlighted the many accessories that can be added to the Summit Wallet.* One of these accessories is actually a set of three different add-ons. The Summit Notebook Bundle is the result of a collaboration with two other great companies that build their products in the USA: Rite in the Rain, and Fisher Space Pen. To really highlight all the functionality that fits into this small package, we’re going to look at each part of the bundle in detail.

The Summit Notebook Sleeve

Summit Notebook Wallet

The sleeve is what holds the package together, and it’s the first thing you’ll notice when you pick it up. Like all of our leather products, it is made from premium top-grain leather. It is the same leather we use in our Explorer Passport Wallet. This leather, which was originally developed for the hand sewn footwear market, has a softer and more flexible feel than the leather we use in some of our other products. This makes it perfect for the Summit Notebook Bundle, with its precise folds and careful stitching. It has a pocket inside to secure the Rite in the Rain notebook and a slot on the top to hold the Fisher Space Pen. The inner pocket can also be used for cash, giving you the option to use it as a dedicated leather wallet.

The Weatherproof Pocket Notebook

Rite in Rain Pocket Notepad

The actual notebook in the Summit Notebook Bundle is made with paper from Rite in the Rain. As the name implies, they specialize in all-weather writing products. The water resistant paper is perfect for outdoor adventures or workplaces where standard paper would not hold up. It allows you to record important information and ideas anytime and anywhere. It even features a ruler on the cover to add yet another layer of functionality.

The Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen - Earn Your Story

Fisher Space Pens offer a level of quality and reliability that other pens can’t match. The Summit Notebook Bundle includes a Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with a solid brass frame that is customized to include the Trayvax logo and our slogan—EARN YOUR STORY. It writes underwater, over grease, upside down, and in extreme temperatures. With the cap on, this pen is extremely compact and takes up minimal space. With the cap removed and attached to the back (as shown above), the pen becomes longer and more ergonomic.

The Summit Wallet

Summit Wallet with Notebook Sleeve

Finally we get to the wallet itself. The Summit is our most minimal wallet, which also makes it our most flexible and allows it to accommodate a wide range of accessories. It’s a simple and functional combination of a durable melonite-finished steel frame and a strap made from sturdy nylon webbing. The Summit Wallet itself can hold 1 - 7 cards with an extra spot to hold up to 5 bills on the back of the frame.

Each of these items was carefully designed for superior durability backed by our 65-year heirloom warranty. They are all exceptional on their own, but together they form a unique and versatile all-in-one wallet that you won’t find anywhere else.

*The Summit Notebook Bundle includes a Summit Wallet and all three accessories featured in this article. The accessories can also be purchased individually at the following links:
Summit Notebook Sleeve
Weatherproof Pocket Notepad
Bullet Space Pen

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