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Planned Longevity - American Made Quality

Planned Longevity - American Made Quality

From minimalist wallets to interior design, “simplify your life” is a slogan many people are adopting. Simplifying one’s life is about more than just throwing away junk. It can also be an opportunity to pass things you no longer need on to people who need them. This is only possible with quality goods that are designed and built to last.

We’re a manufacturing company, so we make more money when you buy new things. Far too many manufacturers try to maximize their profits by making disposable products, unreliable products, or products that are designed to be replaced. This is known as planned obsolescence. At Trayvax, we take the opposite approach; you might call it “planned longevity.”

Sharing Quality Goods

In ten years, it is unlikely that anyone will want your current generation iPhone, but that is the nature of electronics. The products we make are different. We still design and release new and updated products, but these don’t render our previous generation of products obsolete. If we come out with a new wallet that you want and your earlier model is still in great shape, you can always pass your old wallet on to a friend or relative. This is exactly what many of our customers do.

July 15th is National Give Something Away Day. In addition to practicing generosity and simplifying your life, this is a time to remember the importance of long term quality. The longer a product lasts, the longer it can be shared and passed down. In that spirit, we continue to include a free Summit Wallet with the purchase of any wallet from our online store. You might not need two wallets, but you probably know someone who needs a wallet. When the person you give the Summit Wallet to decides to upgrade, they can pass it on to someone else. Since it is built to last, it can be used by many people over many years.

An Inspiring Story of Longevity

Shelby Centennial Bulb

We will close this blog with an inspiring story of longevity and quality. The year was 1972. A fire chief in Livermore, California noticed that a light bulb in his station never needed to be replaced. It never burned out despite being left on 24 hours a day with few interruptions for decades. He reached out to a local newspaper which investigated the phenomenon. The steadfast bulb turned out to be one made by the Shelby Electric Company—it was matched to catalogs from the early 1900s.

The Shelby Electric Company prided itself on making bulbs that lasted longer than those of competitors such as General Electric. They truly outdid themselves with this one. The bulb was donated to the firehouse in 1901. At the time, a simple lightbulb was a hot commodity. The bulb at the firehouse, now known as the Centennial Light Bulb, continues to burn as a testament to the power of longevity. Simply by lasting so long, this everyday item has become a legend.

Inspiration for Superior Quality

While it might not be possible to replicate the nearly miraculous longevity of the Centennial Light Bulb, its story is an inspiring one for engineers, designers, manufacturers, and consumers alike. It reminds us that a product that is used for a long time can touch the lives of many people, and in doing so, it takes on a life of its own. This is why we build products that last and back them up with our 65-year heirloom warranty—so they can continue to provide value for years and generations to come.

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bradley backer

bradley backer

I love my Contour wallet! I love the design, the compliments at check out counters. I love the feel of it, it’s weight, and quality. Sadly, the truth is, that things are changing very quickly so that the need to carry cards and cash is almost obsolete already. There are days I forget to put my Trayvax into my pocket…and my phone does what I need. Sadly, if I don’t have to carry it, I won’t, because why? If it’s not needed anymore, it’s become obsolete. I still carry it despite, but I’m. It sure how much longer I’ll need my drivers license with me. Something else will take care of what’s left. Dear Trayvax…I have some interesting solutions.

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