Weatherproof Pocket Notepad

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A weatherproof pocket notebook that excels in all conditions. Be prepared for Mother Nature with 20 pages of Rite in the Rain paper and a waterproof cover.


The Trayvax® Weatherproof Pocket Notebook keeps your thoughts organized in any environment. Quickly jot down notes and ideas with this compact notepad. Designed for use with the Trayvax Summit Notebook, our weatherproof notepads also fit inside the tiniest of spaces, including wallets and pockets. We utilize 20-sheets of Rite in the Rain paper, combined with a waterproof cover so you’ve always got a reliable notebook nearby.

The Trayvax Weatherproof Pocket Notebook is completely sourced and Made in the USA.

Weatherproof Pocket Notepad Specifications


3.25 Inches


2.125 Inches


0.11 Inches


0.38 Ounces

Product Features

  • Weatherproof pocket notebook
  • Designed for use with the Trayvax Summit Notebook Sleeve
  • Durable waterproof cover
  • Includes 20 weatherproof pages
  • Rite in the Rain paper
  • Made in USA
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