Emboldened by the Beard: Badass Beard Care

Emboldened by the Beard: Badass Beard Care

You’re here because you trust us to build quality gear right here in the USA. Well, good news folks, we’re not the only ones doing it. That’s why we started this blog: to spread the word about other quality, USA-made products that we think you’ll love.


Recently, we met Charlie Moyer, founder of Badass Beard Care. Charlie is a veteran turned manscaping maven. Upon returning to his civilian life and growing out his man mane, his wife told him that his stinky, scratchy beard had to go. But that wasn’t an option for Charlie. According to his website:

“I grew up around heavily bearded, manly men who rode Harleys and drank whiskey. The beards were a way of life.”

His love of his beard inspired a search for a product that would render his scratchy beard smooth, undesirable lingering smells gone and his handsome beard happy. To his dismay, he couldn’t find a product to suit his needs. So he made his own and eventually grew his idea into Badass Beard Care, which offers an array of balms, oils and manscaping essentials.

When we asked Charlie for a first-timer recommendation, he mentioned that he was launching new deodorant and body wash that would work for anyone, whether or not they had a beard.


So are you ready to make your wife happy and your beard beautiful? Get ready to have your mind blown, because you can try it for free right here.

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