Paracord & Preparedness: Superesse Straps

Paracord & Preparedness: Superesse Straps

Paracord is a simple and essential tool for use in any number of situations. Wesley Superesse of Superesse Straps has taken this idea to a whole new level and built an online empire of loyal fans and supporters.


A while back, he sent us a First Responder Backup strap and we were immediately impressed. In one bracelet, he packs in an LED light, compass, handcuff key, ranger band and 10’ of mil-spec paracord. The idea is to provide law enforcement officers, EMTs, firefighters and others with some of the basic tools they might need in an emergency situation. See more details about the First Responder Strap here.

Superesse Strap - First Responder - Backup

Superesse Straps is veteran owned and operated. According to his website, “[Wesley] served in the US Army Special Operations Command and received extensive tactical, SERE, land-nav, and unconventional warfare training. While deployed, I would craft paracord bracelets as a pastime and morale booster for my team. I've since applied my training and experience to developing survival bracelets themed for various lifestyles and adventures.”

Wesley and his wife make each of their straps by hand and are incredibly active and responsive on Instagram. Their products are all made in the USA and pack a serious punch as far as emergency preparedness goes. 

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