7 Good Reasons Why You Should Add Suspenders To Your Wardrobe

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Add Suspenders To Your Wardrobe

Just like a classy man can't function without the best slim minimalist wallet is the same way they value their belts. But have you ever considered adding suspenders to your wardrobe for style? Many are doing it for a fashion sense, but beyond that, there are more reasons you should.

Belts or suspenders? It's been debated for quite some time now. And while most men have already made up their minds, there are still those who are undecided on which one they should use. After all, both belts and suspenders serve the same purpose — keeping your pants up. So if both of them do the same thing, why not have both?


Read on to find out why you should consider using suspenders alongside belts.

What’s your excuse for not using suspenders?

People tend to make a lot of excuses for not wearing suspenders. They say that they’re stuck in the past, or that they don’t even know what suspenders are. Other’s excuse is that suspenders are complicated and don’t give an easier time when they go out to take a dump.

From all these and many other reasons people give, they don’t hold any water. That’s because if you’re to do a comparison with belts against those claims, you’ll realize that suspenders take the day.

The fact is that there are plenty of reasons why you should have suspenders in your closet too! Read all about why you should consider having suspenders alongside belts!

Here’s Why Suspenders Are A Better Fit

Suspenders are an excellent fashion appeal that every one after making a statement wouldn’t dare ignore. That’s not to say belts aren't great, there are many belt designs, such as the Trayvax Titanium Cinch belt that are great for casual wear.

cinch casual belt

If you need more convincing to add suspenders to your wardrobe, check out the following points. 

Suspenders are more comfortable than belts

You want to look fashionable but are not ready to substitute it for comfort. Black cinch belts for instance can make you look great, but they can tighten the waist region and make you feel like your stomach’s full if you make them too tight. The suspenders in that essence, hold the pants in position without complicating matters with your belly. So you end up looking and feeling great.

They make you look better

With a regular men’s belt, you can expect the shirt to bunch up when the belt cinches at your waistline. That will not only make you uncomfortable but also ruin your look by making you look frumpy. Instead, when you use a suspender, your shirt will keep that straight sharp appeal. So, if you want that seamless appeal from top to bottom, make the switch. 

Promote improved circulation

Those fond of tightening their belts can confirm that it reaches a point when they just want to let loose. That’s because it restricts free circulation to some extent. But with suspenders, you can never experience such.

Suspenders don’t stress any part of the body nor do their hinder circulation hence you’re less likely to feel your legs cramped up after sitting for long.  

They help you dress and look better

With a belt, you don’t get so many dressing options to spice up your looks. Belts are simply belts, they’ve got no varying styles. A suspender on the other hand offers variations in terms of width, patterns, colors, suspension styles. You also get to choose an attachment type to make it more fun to dress up.

Suspenders promote better posture

A good posture matters when considering the overall well-being of a person. If you’re more likely to slump when working with a computer, suspenders can help better your posture. They do this by applying a considerable amount of pressure to the shoulders hence causing your torso to straighten up.

By wearing a suspender, you’ll just find yourself assuming a straighter posture because it happens unconsciously.

Thinner appeal

With suspenders, it’s easy to spice up your looks and look thinner. You can mix and match them with different outfits better than you could with a belt. And at the end, you’ll seem thinner and more glamorous. If you’ve missed a couple of gym sessions and feel like you’ve gained a few pounds, don’t stress over it. Simply get yourself suspenders and thin your looks.

Fashionista appeal

Everyone likes looking trendier, even if it's not with a modern outfit. Suspenders are an old classic from the past that can help command a fashion appeal. With belts, it can be a little difficult to get noticed. Think of yourself in suspenders and a leather money clip wallet at a café as you order your morning coffee! The look is classic, fashionable, and elegant!

Suspenders allow you to showcase your fashion sense, personal style, and class. You can't argue the same with belts unless you go for the more unique and attention-grabbing heavy-duty web belt.

Final thoughts

It’s not that belts aren’t great and should be done away with, but it’s great to include suspenders in your wardrobe for those days you need to stand out. Always have both so you can switch when you need to, such as to belts when you have to dress casually in a polo t-shirt, and suspenders for official business.

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