6 Ways to Declutter Your Wallet: How to Remove the Clutter and Stay Organized

6 Ways to Declutter Your Wallet: How to Remove the Clutter and Stay Organized

Every man values his wallet more as it carries essentials to keep him going through the day. But you might be surprised to take a peek into what men carry in their wallets. Keeping a simple decluttered wallet is the number one step to maintaining an organized lifestyle.

It can be hard to keep your wallet organized. From receipts to credit cards, business cards, loyalty cards, cash, spare keys, and more — it's easy for your wallet to become a black hole of clutter. If you're tired of rummaging through your purse for hours looking for a single receipt or gift card, check out these five tips on how to declutter your wallet.

How to declutter your wallet in 6 easy steps

Getting rid of everything in your wallet might not be an easy decision to make but is the first and most important in decluttering. Once you have everything out, you can decide what you need on the go and what you don’t. follow these simple steps to get your wallet organized clean and easy.

 Organize your credit cards with a money clip

You must have upgraded your wallet to a leather money clip wallet after learning how beneficial it is. If you don’t have a wallet with a money clip, you might want to look at a few options in the market. Money clip wallets are ideal for carrying billfolds and credit cards hence you’ll have plenty of space in your wallet.

An excellent example is the Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet which can carry up to 5 folded bills and 7 cards. It also has an RFID protection feature that beats every RFID reader up to 95.1%.

Keep cash organized with a bi-fold wallet

We all love to carry cash around. While it’s a good way of keeping your expenditure in check, it can also make your wallet look cluttered. If you can’t avoid carrying cash for reasons known to you, then you can reduce the number of bills carried.

Consider carrying high-value bills such as five $20, three $50, and two $100 in a men’s leather bifold wallet. This prevents you from folding the bills to create more space. That way, you get to carry more money without making your wallet bulge.

Choose a minimalist wallet

If you’ve tried all the hacks on the planet to declutter your wallet but it doesn’t seem to work, then choose a slim minimalist wallet. With a slim wallet, you’ll be forced to get rid of unnecessary clutter to create space for the more important stuff.

element wallet men

The Trayvax Element Wallet has a slim profile to limit its contents. Plus, it has a rugged stainless steel frame to keep it strong and durable. The top grain oil tanned leather gives it an appealing finish. This wallet carries up to 5 folded bills, 10 cards, and has an RFID blocking feature.

Create a keychain to hold your keys

You won't miss a spare key in almost every man’s wallet. But some take it a notch higher by carrying four to five spare keys for virtually every lock they keep. Instead of doing that, find a carabiner clip keychain to keep such keys.

That way, it’ll be easier to find the keys and it also helps you declutter your wallet. We recommend the Trayvax Carabiner Keychain which comes with a durable keychain and a stainless steel carabiner. It looks elegant with its melonite finish and a quick-release keychain.

carabiner keychain

Use small pouches when cash is needed on the go

If you like to pay using cash than cards and have a higher daily expenditure, you may consider using a small pouch wallet to exclusively carry cash. This helps you avoid bundling your wallet with too many bills that end up as a security risk also. The Explorer Passport Wallet is sizeable enough to hold several bills and 12 cards.

A small mini clutch wallet such as the Roam Mini Clutch can also serve the purpose of carrying money pretty well. It’s sizeable enough to serve as a clutch wallet or purse. It has four attachment points for the shoulder strap, soft wool interior, and mini pouches to carry bobby pins, keys, and Chapstick.  It’s mostly ideal for women.

roam wallet women clutch purse

Keep receipts digitally

it's surprising to find men carrying lots of receipts in their wallets when they already have a digital copy on their phones or emails. Declutter your wallet by removing receipts, checks, and gift cards. If you already have them saved electronically, you don’t need to carry them in your wallet.

For gift cards, some outlet stores issue QR code scannable gift cards which you can use. In the case of checks, it’s best to have them banked as soon as you collect them to avoid cluttering your wallet. 

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