6 Clever Hacks for Minimalist Wallets for Men

6 Clever Hacks for Minimalist Wallets for Men

Did you know that you can enhance the way you use your wallet? Whether you have a bi-fold wallet for men, a clip-card holder, or a front-pocket wallet, practicing these six clever hacks can make your wallet more practical and protected.

Check out these six clever hacks for minimalist wallets for men:

#1 Separate Your Cash and Cards

There’s a reason why metal wallets for credit cards exist. While most men carry their cash and cards in a single wallet, a wise man would carry them in separate wallets. Let’s say that you get mugged on the street and they ask for your wallet. When you hand over your wallet -- which holds your cards and cash -- you end up losing everything. On the other hand, if you have two separate wallets, you won’t end up penniless -- literally. You can hand over the wallet that holds your cash since losing your credit cards is more complicated. For this to work, you shouldn’t put your wallets in the same place. For example, you could put your credit card case in your bag, and your front pocket wallet in, well, your front pocket.

We recommend the Trayvax Ascent Wallet -- it’s so slim and inconspicuous, pickpockets won’t even notice that you have it on you.

#2 Take Out Your Coins

If you’re using a minimalist leather wallet to carry your coins, you might want to consider using a metal money clip card holder instead. Not only do coins damage leather, but over time, they can change your wallet’s shape. Eventually, you’ll notice small bumps on the surface of your wallet, which isn’t something you’d want certain people (such as your date, maybe?) to see. A metal money clip card holder such as the Trayvax Axis Wallet has a coin pocket that’s designed to protect your cards from scratches. Plus, since it is made of stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about your wallet losing its shape.

#3 Get Rid of Business Cards

If business cards are still a thing in your industry, it’s time to toss them out. Business cards take up so much space in your bi-fold wallet for men, but when was the last time you even looked at them? If you’re like most people, probably never. Business cards add unnecessary bulk to your wallet. Instead of waiting for your wallet to bulge with business cards, immediately save the person’s details on your phone. If you can’t help collecting business cards, you can use a separate business card case -- but don’t bring it with you everywhere!

#4 Stick to One or Two Credit Cards

Credit cards encourage you to spend more money than you can actually afford. Does that mean you shouldn’t have a credit card? Not at all. It simply means that you should reserve your credit cards for emergency expenses. To prevent unnecessary spending, stick to one or two credit cards.

To force yourself to carry only the cards you need, use a wallet like the Trayvax Ascent. It’s designed for people that don’t have that many credit cards. It fits up to seven cards, which includes your debit cards, credit cards, identification cards, and the like.

#5 Use a Keychain Accessory

Want to make sure you never lose your wallet? Attach it to a keychain accessory such as the Keyton Clip Carabiner Keychain. You can loop it around your belt so that it stays by your side. What’s great is that this keychain is crafted using high-quality leather so that it doesn’t deviate from your minimalist leather wallet’s aesthetic.

#6 Pick the Right Wallet

A lot of men stick with the same wallet that they’ve had since high school. If it’s not for sentimental reasons, you should consider swapping your wallet for something that fits your lifestyle. Don’t settle for a suboptimal wallet that doesn’t have enough card slots or that is too small. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a Gucci or Tommy Hilfiger wallet. There are plenty of affordable options for the best front pocket wallet for men. As a rule of thumb, you should choose a wallet that’s both stylish and sensible.

The Bottom Line

Not all wallets were made the same, which is why you need to figure out how to optimize your wallet in a way that works for you. If your current wallet isn’t working for you, you can always check websites such as Trayvax. We have a wide selection of minimalist wallets for men, you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

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