6 Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2021

6 Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas for 2021

Getting married? Don’t forget to get your groomsmen a gift! It can be easy to get swept away with all the wedding planning, but you should take the time to thank the men who’ve been there through everything. From helping you plan your proposal to withstanding your complaints about your in-laws, there are all kinds of reasons to thank them. Besides, these are the men who’ll still be there for you through the ups and downs of your marriage.

Choosing a gift for your groomsmen can be hard. If they’ve taken on the role before, their socks won’t be knocked off if you gift them a bottle opener. To make sure you give your groomsmen something they’ll love (and that they won’t throw away when you look away), keep these ideas in mind:

#1 Pocket Knife

A knife is an unlikely gift, but if your friends are into outdoorsy stuff, a pocket knife will do the trick. Trayvax’s Trek Field Knife is a pocket knife that your friends can safely use and keep when they go trekking. Crafted from stainless steel, the Trek Field Knife is designed to last a long, long time. Its 3.5-inch blade can cut through the toughest surfaces such as wood, while its handle allows controlled cutting.

trek field knife

#2 Front Pocket Wallet

If your friends are using a beat-up wallet, treat them to a brand-new front pocket wallet like the Original 2.0. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, this tactical wallet is designed to go with your daily gear. Plus, wouldn’t you want your wedding party to look the part? Don’t risk allowing them to bring their bulky bi-folds that’ll only result in an awkward bulge in their front pocket.

#3 Bottle Opener… With a Twist

We know we said you shouldn’t give your groomsmen something they already have, but this bottle opener is unlike any bottle opener out there. The Contour Wallet is a slim wallet for men that can carry thirteen cards, but the best part is that it doubles as a bottle opener. Imagine their faces when you tell them you got them a bottle opener, but then they see this when they open it. Rub that in other grooms’ faces.

contour wallet with bottle opener

#4 Engraved Passport Holder

For a personal touch, give your groomsmen an engraved passport holder. That way, every time they travel, they’ll remember how much fun they had as your groomsman… without the in-law-related drama, of course. Crafted from fine leather, the Explorer Wallet is an excellent choice. It’s the kind of passport case that also works as a men’s notebook wallet. Not only is it long-lasting, but it can be engraved with whatever you want, such as your groomsman’s name.

#5 Wallet Comb

If you’re gifting your groomsmen a slim wallet for men, why don’t you add a wallet comb, too? Being part of a wedding entourage can be chaotic, and once all the photos have been taken, your groomsmen’s hair will look unkempt. With the Shift Wallet Comb, your groomsmen will have a comb that they stealthily keep inside their front pocket wallet. It’s as small as a credit card so it won’t be an eyesore when they need to use it.

wallet comb

#6 Keychain

There will always be that one groomsman that wants to bring a bag with him. Unfortunately, allowing this will only result in ugly group photos. Consider giving your wedding entourage a keychain like the Link Lanyard, so they can consolidate their essentials, such as their slim wallet for men, car keys, and the like.

How Much Should You Spend on Gifts?

Set a budget to prevent going over budget and angering your bride-to-be. There’s no need to break the bank, but you shouldn’t be a cheapskate, either. Although your groomsmen agreed to be part of the wedding not because they want the swag, but because they’re your friends, it wouldn’t hurt to treat them to something special.

Fortunately, you can find plenty of affordable gifts for groomsmen. For instance, keychain accessories will cost you around $20, while front pocket wallets will cost around $50. For the friendship they’ve given you for the past years, that isn’t such an eye-watering price to pay.


Whatever you decide to give your groomsmen, be sure to give them something that the rest of your single friends won’t be able to give when it’s time for them to get married. We know, it doesn’t have to be a competition. However, by giving something one-of-a-kind, you’ll stand out in your groomsmen’s list of weddings they attended.

Don’t know where to start shopping? Trayvax has a wide range of gifts for groomsmen of all price ranges.

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