Top 4 Reusable Water Bottles of 2021: Plastic and Stainless Steel

Top 4 Reusable Water Bottles of 2021: Plastic and Stainless Steel

A reusable water bottle is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and to say goodbye to single-use plastics for good. Not only is it better for the earth, but carrying it also encourages you to stay hydrated all day. Best of all, by buying in a reusable bottle, you can save, on average, $200 each year. That’s good news for your slim minimalist wallet!

Whether you’re looking for a bottle to keep your drinks ice-cold all day, or one to take on walks, you can stay hydrated with these reusable water bottles that we consider to be the best that money can buy.

What are the benefits of using a reusable water bottle?

Reusable bottles are the best bottles. Let’s take a look at the pros of switching to a reusable water bottle:

  • They can hold whatever you want: Reusable bottles are versatile because they’re able to hold a variety of beverages.
  • They are safe to reuse: It’s not safe to reuse a single-use plastic bottle. This is because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, as it degrades, it releases dangerous chemicals.
  • They are affordable: Investing in a minimalist wallet that’s designed to last a lifetime can save you a significant amount of money. The same holds for buying a reusable bottle.
  • They are durable: Single-use bottles get bent out of shape easily. A reusable bottle, similar to a tactical wallet, is incredibly durable.
  • They come in all shapes, colors, etc.: Dress your water bottle up or down. Add keychain accessories or stickers. You can turn it into a bottle that’s truly yours.

Why are reusable water bottles better for the earth?

More importantly, we should switch to reusable water bottles because they’re better for the earth. Compared to single-use plastics, reusable water bottles aren’t a waste. When they’re produced, we don’t throw them away. We use them for as long as we can fill them with water. As a result, they don’t end up in the ocean where they can cause harm to marine animals.

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What are the best reusable water bottles of 2021?

Don’t know which water bottle to buy? We’ve searched the highs and lows of the water bottle world to narrow down your options:

#1 S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

S’well’s water bottles always look fancy. Their stainless steel water bottles are so chic, that having them would be envy-worthy. S’well bottles boast insulated containers to ensure that your water, coffee, tea, etc. stays cold for 36 hours, and warm for 18 hours. While S’well bottles are sophisticated, the downside is that they’re weighty. The upside is that they come in an assortment of prints and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that fits your fashion sense.

#2 Trayvax Nalgene 32 oz. Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

Nalgene bottles have been around for decades, so you can be confident that their reusable bottles are the best of the best. Trayvax’s 32-ounce wide-mouth water bottle uses Nalgene, which is a type of BPA-free plastic that’s free from phthalates. It’s also incredibly durable, so you can bring it to camping trips without a worry. The best part about this bottle is that it can hold cold and hot drinks without the risk of cracking or melting. Topographic designs decorate the bottle so that it stands out.

#3 Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro Flask is a household name when it comes to reusable water bottles. If you like keeping your cold drinks cold or your hot drinks hot, you’ll like the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle. It features food-grade insulation, as well as a sweat-free body that’s BPA-free and phthalate-free. It also has a handle where you can attach your essentials to keychain accessories like a carabiner clip keychain.

#4 W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle

If you want to go entirely plastic-free, you’ll want to try the W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle. And don’t worry -- it won’t break that easily. It comes with a protective sleeve to prevent it from shattering in case of accidents. Do note, however, that it’s designed for only cold beverages, so you might want to buy a second bottle for your warm beverages.


Aside from switching to a reusable water bottle, one way to lower your carbon footprint is by buying products that are made from eco-friendly materials. For instance, instead of buying a plastic cardholder or coin case, you could buy a minimalist wallet made from metal. For more environmentally-friendly gear, visit Trayvax today.

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