Why Do Men Keep Their Wallets in Their Back Pockets?

Why Do Men Keep Their Wallets in Their Back Pockets?

Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket or your front pocket? If you’re like most men, you likely carry it in your back pocket. We’re here to tell you, however, that you should stop doing that. Keeping your wallet in your back pocket can cause all sorts of problems, which we’ll go into detail below:

Why do men keep their wallets in their back pockets?

There are several reasons why men keep their leather money clip wallets in their back pockets. Let’s take a look at some of them:

#1 To make room in the front pocket

A man’s daily essentials include items like car keys, house keys, a phone, pocket knife, and so on. If they had to choose which items to put into their front pocket, they’d likely choose their phone, and clip their car keys to their belt loop using a carabiner clip keychain. Since phones can be bulky, there won’t be any room left for a front pocket wallet.

#2 To get rid of the bulge

The front pocket bulge can look awkward. That’s why men like to keep their wallets in their back pockets. Sure, the outline in the pants will still be there, but at least it’ll be discreet. There is, however, a straightforward solution to this. All men need to do is to trade their bulky bi-folds for a slim front pocket wallet.

#3 To be more comfortable

Walking can be a hassle with a big and bulky bifold in your front pocket, especially if your trousers are tight to begin with. Men that keep their wallets in their back pocket want to be able to walk without their thighs feeling too tight.

ascent back pocket wallet

Why shouldn’t men keep their wallets in their back pockets?

Should you keep your wallet in your back pocket? Absolutely not. Use a front pocket wallet and keep it where it’s designed to go: in your front pocket. There are several disadvantages to keeping your wallet in your back pocket, like:

#1 It can twist your spine

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have one butt cheek that’s bigger than the other, try sitting with a wallet in your back pocket. You’ll eventually develop back problems and “hip pocket syndrome”. Sitting on your wallet won’t only be uncomfortable, but it’ll also be bad for your posture.

#2 It puts you on pickpockets’ radar

It doesn’t take a genius to know that keeping your wallet in your back pocket puts you at risk of being pickpocketed. Instead, put your wallet in your front pocket so you can keep tabs on it at all times. It’s highly unlikely for a pickpocket to try to steal your wallet when it’s in front.

#3 It can easily slip out

How many times have you dropped your wallet every time you’ve done a “number two”? When you pull your pants down, your wallet can easily slip out. It isn’t limited to toilet-related causes, either. Your wallet can also slip out when you get out of a car. So, prevent losing your wallet by investing in leather money clip wallets instead.

#4 It’s unattractive

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket isn’t the key to getting people to check out your backside. That’s why you work on your glutes at the gym. An outline in your pocket looks unattractive, so keep your cards and cash in a cool metal wallet that can inconspicuously sit in your front pocket.

#5 It’s harder to reach

Do you have to reach behind you to grab your wallet every time you have to pay? Conveniently access your wallet by keeping it in your front pocket. That way, you won’t hold up the line while you fish for your wallet. 

Why don’t women keep their wallets in their pockets?

Have you ever wondered why women never carry their wallets in their back pockets? The answer: because their trousers don’t even have them. Women know how hard it is to look for pants with pockets, which is why they keep their wallets in their purses or use a clutch wallet like the Roam Clutch. Besides, women’s wallets are usually bigger than men’s wallets, so it’s unlikely to fit inside their pockets.

roam clutch woman

Looking for a front pocket wallet?

If you prefer a metal wallet, go for the Axis Wallet from Trayvax. It can hold up to fourteen cards, which is probably more than what your current bifold can carry! If you’re searching for leather money clip wallets instead, the Element Wallet is your best bet. Aside from its ten-card slot, it has an integrated money clip to hold your cash.

At Trayvax, we have a wide range of wallets for men and women that suit all styles. Start shopping today to find the wallet that can keep your back problems away.

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Frederic Lucas

Frederic Lucas

I keep mine attached to a belt loop, so theft won’t be an issue. It is a Traxvax, so it’s not as thick as the other wallets I’ve had. I do Doordash, and car seats are more flexible than regular couches and seats. And I usually take it out of my pocket when I do sit in a typical in home chair.



I actually STILL prefer rear-pocket wallet carrying even after buying a Trayvax wallet and several other minimalist styles even though I no longer do so. The only reason I front pocket carry is that the metal inside “minimalist” wallets makes rear pocket carrying even worse than it was before. The only really important thing I’ve discovered since owning a Trayvax wallet is that I’m not really sure why people like minimalist wallets at all (specifically ones with metal in them) other than the fact that its TRENDY and hip to do so. Its not easier, its not faster, its LESS convenient, holds MUCH less, is LESS comfortable than a traditional leather bifold, and FAR more expensive. The only undeniable benefit I can see is the RFID blocking metal… which I could just put inside a leather bi-fold very easily. I’m still waiting for the “A-HA” moment.

Osman G.

Osman G.

Currently still carrying my wallet in my back pocket, I’m 32yrs. I just ordered a trayvax contour, looking forward to start using this small wallet in my front pocket.



I’m a woman and I not only have trousers with pockets-I carry my trayvax element in my back pocket every day.

Claude Sordelet

Claude Sordelet

I was a back pocket wallet guy since I started carrying one in high school. It’s just what I learned from my dad. Fast forward 40+ years till I got my 1st minimal wallet (not Trayvax) and introduced myself to the less bulky style of wallet carry which also doesn’t wear holes in the back pocket of my jeans or shorts. Now, 3 years and 2 Trayvax Original 2.0 wallets later, I wouldn’t carry any other way. I can’t believe I didn’t discover front carry sooner.


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