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4 Best Benefits of Slimming Down Your Wallet

4 Best Benefits of Slimming Down Your Wallet

Slim  is in -- when it comes to wallets, anyway. Today’s trend of minimalism isn’t only limited to what people wear, but also to what they carry in their wallets. The days of carrying big, bifold wallets are long gone. But have you ever wondered why wallets are becoming more and more compact? Do we owe it to cash becoming “obsolete”, or is it because we’ve actively chosen to live a freer lifestyle?

Below, we list the reasons why you should slim down your wallet, as well as provide you with a few of our favorite slim minimalist wallets.

What are the Benefits of Slim Wallets for Men?

#1 They’re lightweight

It can be tempting to shove whatever you have into a bifold wallet, whether it’s receipts, credit cards, business cards, and so on. Eventually, you’ll notice that your wallet has gotten heavier. By slimming down your wallet, you’ll be forced to carry only a few items at a time. That way, your wallet will always be lightweight.

#2 They’re inconspicuous

Traveling soon? Don’t become a pickpocket’s target by keeping your wallet in your back pocket. If you can’t help it, the least you could do is to use a slim money clip wallet. Pickpockets are pros at spotting the bulge from afar, but with a slim wallet, you can attract less attention.

#3 They can be kept in any pocket

Slim wallets for men are so tiny that they can be kept in any pocket, whether it’s your front pocket, back pocket, or shirt pocket. Whatever you’re wearing, you can carry your wallet with convenience. You can wear the skinniest jeans and they’ll fit just fine.

#4 They’re easier to use

If you decide to use your wallet as a front pocket wallet, you can easily access it each time you pay. You won’t have to awkwardly reach behind you like you would with a big wallet. You’ll also be able to find your cards and cash easier since there’s no space for unnecessary items. Now you won’t have to worry about holding up the line!

What are the Best Slim Wallets for Men?

Whether you’re looking for a slim money clip wallet or an RFID-blocking wallet, we bring you the best wallets that money can buy.

#1 Best Budget Wallet: Herschel Charlie Wallet

For $21, the Hershel Charlie Wallet is a steal. It’s a card case that comes with four slots for your cards, and a center slot for folded cash. As a vegan wallet, it is made from polyester fabric that’s available in a variety of unconventional colors such as orange and green. With its slim profile, it’s perfect as a front pocket wallet, but you can confidently slip it into your back pocket thanks to its RFID-blocking protection.

#2 Best Designer Wallet: Balenciaga Papier Mini Wallet

If you want to splurge on a slim wallet, the Balenciaga Papier Mini Wallet is the way to go. At around $400, it isn’t the cheapest wallet out there, but it does stand out in a sea of ordinary wallets. It comes in twenty colorways that are each crafted from calfskin, so your front pocket wallet will never fade into the background. Don’t let its slim profile fool you -- it’s actually a trifold wallet that comes with three slots for your cards, a compartment for your cash, and an outer compartment for your coins.

#3 Best Money Clip Wallet: Trayvax Element Wallet

The great thing about slim money clip wallets is that they’re designed for those that carry cards rather than cash. With the Trayvax Element Wallet, you can carry all of your cards, including your credit cards, debit cards, discount cards, and other types of cards. You name it, this wallet can carry it.

element slim wallet for men

And if you’re worried about your cards getting declined, the Trayvax Element has got you covered. With its interior clip, you can safely carry a few pieces of cash in case of emergencies. Featuring a stainless steel frame, this slim wallet will last a lifetime. Best of all, it comes with a bottle opener, because why not?


It’s not too late to slim down your wallet. Not only are slim wallets sleek, but they can also keep you safe from pickpockets. With their slim profile, you can safely carry them in the most inconspicuous places. Plus, they are designed to be discreet, so you can wear whatever you want without worrying about the wallet bulge.

At Trayvax, we provide a wide variety of wallets that suit all styles, whether casual, classy, or cool. The best part? All of our slim wallets are crafted from fine, top-grain leather, so your wallet will never go out of style.

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