What's a Good Wallet That Is Both Strong and Easy to Carry?

What's a Good Wallet That Is Both Strong and Easy to Carry?

Here at Trayvax, we have a number of strong, slim wallets, but today, we’ll focus on three: The Original 2.0, the Contour, and the Element. All three of these wallets meet the criteria, but they also have their own benefits and features. Compare and contrast them to see which one best meets your needs.

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Original 2.0: A Bestseller

One of our most popular wallets, a metal men’s wallet, the Original 2.0 is slim but durable. This wallet is made of stainless steel and airplane-grade aluminum, so it can easily survive a tumble, but it’s small enough to fit into a front pocket, so that won’t be a problem very often. The nylon paracord bindings won’t snap, and will keep your cards safely inside. They’ll be easily accessible with its durable pry bar, and up to 15 of them can fit inside.

That’s a lot of space for such a slim wallet. It’s coated in G10 fiberglass, to make it even tougher and help you hold onto it. It’ll block dangerous RFID signals, too. No high-tech thieves are going to steal your data with the Original 2.0 in your pocket. And in a number of different colors, it’s fun and stylish too. Follow the lead of over 6,000 other people and find a wallet you’ll love in the Original 2.0!

Trayvax Contour: Strong and Stylish

If you’re looking for a cool metal wallet, the Trayvax Contour is for you. It may look like just a steel cage and a leather strap, but it’s so much more. This tactical minimalist wallet can stand up to almost anything, including drops, scratches, and water. There’s a lot that can be done with a Contour. It can fit into even the smallest pockets, block RFID signals, even open a beer with its built-in bottle opener. It’s TSA approved, too, so you can bring its toughness, size and unique style anywhere in the world.

contour wallet

It’ll survive the luggage cart, a drop onto the tile, and even the X-Ray machine. This fantastic little metal wallet can hold up to 13 cards and 10 bills. The Contour’s unique appearance draws a lot of attention. People will be asking where you got it, and you can either tell them or keep it secret and surprise them with a Contour of their own.

Trayvax Element: All-Around Best

Now, the absolute best wallet for both size and strength has to be the Trayvax Element. It has a rugged stainless-steel frame, and top-grain leather, but it can fit just about anywhere you need it to. The Element can come with you to work, whether that be a construction site, an office, or a hospital. Throw it into your locker as roughly as you want, all that’ll happen is a loud noise. Take it to the gym to hold your membership card, and it’ll hold its own. It’s perfect for hiking, able to survive rocks, mud puddles and streams. And out on the town, there’s nothing better. If you take a tumble onto the concrete, it won’t even scratch.

element wallet

It looks nice enough to be used on a date, and if there are any strangers who want the RFID data? They won’t get a lick of it. The Element resists that too. And is it small? Sure is! It can fit into your front pocket, your jacket pocket, your wife’s purse, the center console of your car, or your gym bag. Wherever you need to put it, it’ll probably fit. But despite its small size, this wallet is no slouch! It can hold up to 10 cards, and its money clip can hold up to 5 bills. Simply put, it’s the perfect blend of small size and superior strength.

In Conclusion

Trayvax has a number of stylish, fun wallets that are both strong and easy to carry. If you want something fun, colorful and popular, the Original 2.0 is the wallet for you. For something durable, unique, and attention-grabbing, try a Contour. And if the total package of fashion, strength and portability is important to you, then a Trayvax Element is the best wallet for your budget. We have many other wallet varieties, so try them out and get the one that fits you best. And when you’re done with it, pass it down to your son or grandson. They’ll be sure to love it, and with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, we guarantee that they’ll last a lifetime. Try a Trayvax today.

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Darci Hames

Darci Hames

Is the purse lined with the credit card protection?

Michael Troehler

Michael Troehler

You know what would be a great addition adding a card to hold an airpod tracker I have one but it could fit better for a trayvax wallet

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