4 Easy Ways to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys or Fobs

4 Easy Ways to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys or Fobs

Did you know that, on average, an individual will spend two and a half days each year looking for their car keys or key fob? That’s around ten minutes a day. No wonder why you’re always running late!

If you want to put an end to the never-ending search for your car keys, you’re in luck. In this article, let’s look at some of the things you can do to avoid losing your valuable car keys or key fob.

What is a key fob?

A key fob is another term for your car keys. It’s the device that is used to control your car’s locking system. When you press a button on the fob, it sends a signal to the reader inside the car, triggering it to perform a particular command. The keyless entry system has been around since the 1980s, so the vehicles you’ve driven are likely activated by a fob.

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What are the uses of a key fob?

Aside from unlocking your car, a key fob has other practical purposes:

·       Lower the windows:

Some key fobs can remotely lower the windows on the car at once. That way, you no longer have to start the engine. To check if your car fob can do this, click the “unlock” button twice and then hold it down the third time.

·       Trigger an alert system

Scare away would-be criminals by triggering your car’s emergency system. Pressing the panic button can trigger the car to turn on its headlights, honk its horn, and the like

·       Unlock your trunk

No need to get out of the car to unlock the trunk. Now, you can unlock it with a click of the key fob. Worried about locking your keys in the car? Attach it to a keychain for a key fob, and then clip it to your belt using a carabiner clip keychain.

How can you make sure you don’t lose your car keys?

“Where did I put my keys?”

If you’re tired of asking this, you’re in luck. Here are a couple of practical tips to make sure that you stop misplacing your car keys.

#1 Keep a spare key on you

Let’s say that you keep your keys on a keychain for key fob, but you accidentally lock it in the car. What do you do? If you have a set of spare keys on a key ring holder that’s attached to your metal wallet, you can easily access your car… as long as you keep your wallet in your pocket, of course.

#2 Attach it to a key ring holder

Get yourself a huge key ring holder like the Trayvax Keyton Clip or the Trayvax Link Lanyard. It’s a carabiner clip keychain that has a key ring on one end and a carabiner clip on another. It’s unlikely that you’ll fail to spot your keys if they’re attached to keychain accessories. You can also clip it to your belt loop so you no longer lose it again. Alternatively, you can clip it to your wallet since you’re more likely to check your wallet than your keys.

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#3 Put your keys in the same place

Don’t drop your keys wherever you want. Place them in the same spot so you’ll know where to look for your keys. Consider placing a catch-all tray by the doorway. You could also clip your car keys with your essentials, so in case you need to rush out the door, you can grab everything and go. “Connect” your everyday carry (EDC) using keychain accessories like the Trayvax Link Stretch Lanyard.

#4 Don’t pack your pockets

The risk of packing your pockets is that each time you take out your wallet, you’ll end up dropping your car keys. With a packed pocket, you will also have a hard time keeping track of your items. By replacing your bulky wallet with a metal wallet with money clip, you can create more space in your pocket so you can easily check if your essentials are still there. Take things further by using a key-carry system like the Trayvax Keydex. The Keydex, which can hold up to twelve keys, can be clipped to your pocket so your keys won’t easily fall out.

The bottom line

Hopefully, these tips will help you stop misplacing your car keys. If you’re in the market for keychain accessories that can help you keep your car keys, check out what Trayvax has in store. While you’re there, why don’t you also check out our wallets? They were designed to go with our keychains with key fobs, so you can keep your essentials together at all times. 

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