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Be Prepared:
Gear for tomorrow's unknown.

Prepare for the unknown with Trayvax. When adventure calls for action or an immediate response is needed for survival you need gear that can keep up with the demands of life. Our gear is reliable thanks to our dedication to using USA made materials like our stainless steel, fiber reinforced plastic and thick rugged leather. Our gear is multifunctional, and will assist you in tackling all of life’s obstacles and will hold up under tough conditions and is backed with our 65-year warranty.

Get Moving:
Gear for every active adventure.

Get moving, adventure awaits with Trayvax outside. Gear that can go from an afternoon hike to an evening out. Our gear is ready to go between life's adventure with you. 

From a weekend escape to crossing an ocean, our gear is ready to live, work, and play beside you through it all. Our Get Moving Collection offers light, flexible gear with a focus on the environment by being built to last 65-years. Get out there and start meeting people. Having a good time. Our gear can handle the nine to five and the nights under the stars. Te time is now to cross off those bucket-list places with light, minimalist gear.

Own The Very Best:
Made to be seen.

Resist sacrificing quality for a cheap price tag. Stand out in the crowd and impress others with your Trayvax gear. With a one-of-a-kind look and impeccable function to match our gear is made to outlast all the others. Complete with a 65-year warranty to guarantee you can pass on the very best to whoever comes next.

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