Trayvax Military & First Responders Discounts


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Thank you for your service.

Trayvax is partnering with to offer 10% off full priced purchases for Military (including Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans) and First Responders (including Police, Fire and EMT).

Getting verified is fast and easy, and after a one-time verification, eligible participants will have access to’s network of integrated partners, including Please note that this offer cannot be combined with other promotional codes, coupons or third-party offers.

Why is Trayvax partnering with

We have always been proud to offer special pricing to those in the Military and to First Responders. Partnering with is our way to streamline the process so you can get your gear without having to wait for a discount code. Better yet, maintains all your credentials in one secure location, so purchases have never been easier. And with hundreds of brands having partnered with, you can take advantage of other exclusive discounts through’s marketplace.

Is my personal data protected?

Yes. is a secure platform used for verification purposes only. Your data will not be shared or sold, and you can delete your account at any time.

Who is eligible for the program?

Military (Troop ID) eligible if any of the below apply:

Active Duty | Inactive Reserves | National Guard | Veterans | Retirees

First Responders – Active or Retired (First Responder ID) eligible if any of the below apply:

Police Officer | Sheriff State Trooper | Firefighter | Veterans | Retirees | EMS/EMT

How do I access my account and receive my discount?

Step 1: Visit and add your products to the cart.

Step 2: In your cart, select Verify with A pop-up will appear for verification.

Step 3: Verify your identity and status in the Military or as a First Responder.

Step 4: In your Trayvax cart, select the Verify with and login with your account.

Step 5: After login, qualifying products will show special pricing prior to checkout.

Why isn’t my discount showing?

After logging in to your Wallet, only applicable items will appear with special pricing in your cart. Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotion. Trayvax reserves the right to change or remove a product from the promotion at any time, without prior notice.

I already have a Trayvax account. Can I use my current account and still have my discount?

All eligible customers will need to create an account to receive their special pricing. Any previous program or discount code will be discontinued.

Can I use this discount to order in bulk?

Yes. You can use your special pricing to order in bulk, but please also check out Corporate / Group Sales. We can also customize with text or a logo for a small additional cost.

Can I share my discount with non-eligible friends when I use

No. This program is for personal use and available exclusively to eligible members.

Who do I go to if I have issues with my account?

Please contact’s Support Team if you have questions in regards to your eligibility or if you have any difficulties establishing or accessing your account.