Which One Has A Better Quality: Vintage Leather Cinch Belts or Elastic?

Which One Has A Better Quality: Vintage Leather Cinch Belts or Elastic?

Just as much as men are always concerned about the style of their wallets is the same way they also regard their belts. While slim minimalist wallets are gaining popularity, cinch belts on the other hand are also building a name for themselves in the outfit department.

A belt is a versatile accessory that can be worn with any style of outfit. They can help shape your silhouette and define your style with their many colors, fabrics, textures, and widths. When it comes to cinch belts, they’re either leather or elastic type. While both look elegant and functional, which one should you opt for if you’re stuck choosing between the two?

cinch belt

What’s a cinch belt?

A cinch belt is a tight waist-fitting belt consisting of a stretchy or stiff fabric that encircles the waist to make it seem small. These belts can either have a buckle or a clasp and the strap material can also be made of leather.

A leather cinch belt is very different than an elastic belt. It’s made of top-grain leather, meaning it will develop a patina over time and with wear. It can be adjusted to the point where it can be used as a dress belt or as preferred.

An elastic cinch belt, on the other hand, is made of synthetic materials like nylon or cotton and does not develop patinas but stretches a lot.

Leather cinch belt

A leather cinch belt won\'t change size much after you put it on. Leather cinch belts are often preferred by those who want to invest in quality and elegance. They’re often a preference to those after maintaining their outlook image.

Generally, genuine leather offers a luxury feel when used in belts and often paints the wearer as classy. Also, vintage leather cinch belts are built to last for a lifetime. Elegance and durability are the highest selling points for these belts. The leather material can withstand a great deal of stress without wearing out faster.

Another great advantage of leather cinch belts is that they’re naturally friendly to everyone and don’t cause allergic reactions such as itching. They don’t have any synthetic components hence comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin.

If you have a dynamic style of outfit, you’ll find that leather cinch belts can match with literally any clothing. Whether going to the office or out for a casual date in jeans and a t-shirt, the belts can complement your outfit perfectly. Also, the vintage appeal of the leather cinch belts makes it easy to match them with old-school as well as contemporary dressing codes.

When it comes to the design of the strap, leather cinch belts can have varying designs, such as the woven style.

Despite the many perks, leather cinch belts also have some downsides. For instance, they’re limiting in terms of flexibility. They’re rather stiff and will require you to carefully check the size that matches your waistline.

Elastic cinch belt

Elastic belts are becoming more popular for their versatility, stylish appeal, and functionality. The main difference between the vintage leather cinch and elastic cinch belt is that the latter is stretchy.

These belts can either be elastic webbing (woven or knit) or elastic cord, usually braided. The material used in making these belts are usually rubber and a combination of cotton, polyester, or nylon. The most common types of elastic cinch belts include the surcingle, webbing, and braided. If you’re fond of military-themed accessories, the tactical webbing belt can be a perfect match for you.

Elastic cinch belts are also quite a catch if you don’t mind trying out contemporary clothing and accessories. Their build is modern and features simple designs that enhance your overall outfit appeal, such as the black cinch belt by Trayvax, the Titanium Cinch Belt. The belt has a titanium clasp buckle that gives it a unique appeal and durability.

black cinch belt green buckle

If you tend to be active a lot, the elastic cinch belts are a great fit as they flex with body movement hence reducing motion restrictions. Also, the elastic strap weighs less compared to the leather type, therefore making your belt lightweight and supple.

They’re also superb where the abdomen needs to relax. Their elastic nature puts less pressure on your waist giving you the freedom to be you. These belts are suitable for sports such as golfing, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and more.

Elastic cinch belts are also ideal for work environments that involve lots of activity or long hours of sitting and standing, such as truck drivers, hospital attendants, et cetera.

Which One To Choose Between Vintage Leather And Elastic Cinch Belt?

It generally depends on your personal preference, but one angle you can use to decide is the types of activities you engage in most. For instance, if you do lots of movement and need the flexibility of the abdomen, the elastic type is more suitable. They’re also ideal if you tend to have a wider waistline and require something stretchy that won\'t make you uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the vintage leather cinch belts are perfect when your outlook matters more. If you want to make a statement or are looking for something that can match well with a dressing style, these belts are perfect. 

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Justin conner

Justin conner

When will these belts be available for purchase? Will they work with already purchased cinch buckles? Are they available for product testing?

Joshua Jacobs

Joshua Jacobs

I currently own a leather, a cinch, and a elastic belt. I’ve given all of them a fair amount of time. Without getting into a lot of detail I’ll say this. The cinch is my everyday belt and I love it, even though it doesn’t make a neat click noise.

Heath Derosier

Heath Derosier

I have 2 belts and four wallets, I have been a fan of Trayvax for about 8years now. I love the belts. No fraying, they do not warp at the edges either. Trayvax themselves are a amazing group of people. When my wife and I had a horrible motorcycle accident Trayvax replaced my wallet for free and wrote a article in their company newspaper about our accident. Caring people making good products, I am a customer and advocate Trayvax to anyone.

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