What Small EDC Knife Do You Carry with You?

What Small EDC Knife Do You Carry with You?

When you’re out in the wilderness, a knife can be your best friend. But which knife is the best? That’s simple: A Trayvax Trek. It’s lightweight and sharp enough to keep you going, while having the durability that Trayvax products are famous for. This knife is great in any situation, including emergencies. We’ll delve into the finer points of this knife in this article.

Benefits of the Trayvax Trek

The Trayvax Trek is a lightweight knife, which is easy to carry. It’s easy to clean, too. And with how well the sheath clips to our nylon black belt, you’d think the two were made for each other. This knife is great for any outdoor adventure. It’s grooved, has a good hand feel, and is nice and sharp for anything you need it for, from coconuts to meat. It can be used indoors or out, and is great in just about any situation. It’s also incredibly durable. In the testing videos on YouTube, this knife cut through multiple things and stayed sharp after all of them. You won’t want another knife after using the Trayvax Trek.

trek knife

Trek on the Trail

This knife really shines in the woods. Use it to cut back vines, slice through soft wood, and even cut some fruit down from a tree. Carry it in your dominant hand for a front or vertical carry, or in your non-dominant hand for a Scout carry. However you hold it, it’ll feel light and natural in your hands, with its skeletonized frame and lightweight design. It’s even good for a post-hunt carving knife. It’s easy to clean, so there’s no need to worry about any messes in the field.

Trek in Emergencies

This knife is one you want to keep with you when the going gets tough. If you need to get out of a crashed car quickly, use it to cut through a jammed seatbelt and break the window. That’s right, the Trayvax Trek is a glassbreaker knife. If you’re tangled in fishing line or rope, the Trek can cut through that too. Are you lost? Use a Trek to mark some trees for a homemade trail. And it’s great for chopping through small branches to make an emergency fire. Keep Trek  knife with you at all times; it could save your life someday.

trek knife outdoors

Indoor Adventures

The Trek isn’t just for the great outdoors. People have used it inside too, for everything from cooking to opening packages. It can cut through vegetables, cardboard, paper, and meat with ease. There’s a bit of resistance if it hits cartilage, but that can be solved with a bit of added pressure. One reviewer made a venison stroganoff, and cut all the ingredients with his Trek. It stayed sharp enough, even after that, to cut the corners off of a phone book. It can slice through cardboard effortlessly, so it’s perfect for those hard to open packages. Indoors or out, this knife is a good investment.

A Sleek Sheath

The knife itself isn’t the only great thing about this product. The sheath is pretty good too. It’s made of the same leather as our great tactical wallets, so you know you can trust it. It’s easy to get the knife out without damaging either it or the sheath. The leather is a sleek and fashionable black, with durable nylon stitching and a strong leather snap. Early versions of the Trek had to be angled while being removed, so that they didn’t scrape the inside of the sheath, but this issue has been fixed. You’ll love your Trek down to the sheath it’s kept in.

In Conclusion

There are many great knives to carry with you, but the best all-around everyday carry knife is a Trayvax Trek. If you need something that stays sharp and durable, it’s the knife for you. Whether you’re chopping back vines on the trail, carving up a deer you brought down, or preparing that venison for dinner, it’s got your back. Indoors or out, this knife will be your best friend. This glass-breaking knife is great for emergency situations, and can be a lifesaver after a car accident. You’ll love everything about it, from its versatility to its near-weightless feel, to its consistent sharpness. You might even start to love the sheath it comes in, which is made from the same leather as some of our best products. Give a Trek a try. You and your family will love it.

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