What Is the Best Lanyard?

What Is the Best Lanyard?

Lanyards aren’t the most divisive topics. In fact, most people don’t talk about them at all. But this is quite a shame, because there’s so much that can be said about them, including which ones are the best.

Free Lanyards

Some people have the philosophy of “if it’s free, it’s for me.” These people tend to enjoy the lanyards given out at events. Most conventions give them away to hold badges and pins for trading. Collectors like these lanyards not only because they’re free, but also because they are likely related to their interests. Unfortunately, though, being free to obtain usually comes at a price later on.

For instance, I wore a free lanyard out on the town recently, and my key fell off it almost immediately, due to the weak clip. The clip was of terrible quality, and I heard the clatter of the key falling to the stairs when I took a few steps. I hadn’t even fully left the house before it failed! It was a good thing I noticed, or my fancy new key would’ve been gone forever. I slipped the key into my pocket, and my lanyard into a nearby trash can. Lesson learned: Never completely trust a free lanyard.

Link Lanyard

If you’ve been burned by free lanyards like I have, buying one is the best option. And here at Trayvax, we have some good ones. First, we have the Link. It comes in multiple leather varieties, as well as one in nylon. The leather ones can be engraved, and come in colors to match our best tactical wallets. The nylon option is new, and has become incredibly popular recently. It’s durable and strong, won’t snap when tugged, and will keep your wallet or keys safe from thieves and dropping.

On both, the clips are made from stainless steel, and coated with a melonite finish to keep them in top condition. This is one of the best short lanyards offered by Trayvax. Whether you get it in climb-spec nylon or top-grain, oil-tanned leather, it’ll be the perfect lanyard for your travels.

Link Stretch Lanyard

If you want something longer, for whatever reason, the Link Stretch is a fantastic choice. It’s made with bungee nylon, and can stretch up to 25 inches. This lanyard is great for short people stretching to reach a door, deep pockets, or a wallet that’s too heavy for the shorter lanyards. The clip-on keychain is strong enough to keep your keys in place, and the quick-release swivel will keep anything else secure, like a flashlight or wallet.  It can even securely attach to your belt and keep everything safe.

link stretch

But watch out, it might snag onto a doorknob or something. But it could also make for a funny story to share with friends and family. And because the Link Stretch Lanyard is so reasonably priced, you can give them as gifts too, for a useful but hilarious inside joke.

Mid-Tier Lanyards

There are, of course, lanyards that are better than the free ones, but not quite as good as Trayvax’s. You can get leather lanyards at any big-box store, outdoor store, or even random kiosks at the mall, but that doesn’t mean they’re good. They could be made of faux leather (aka plastic), delicate fabrics, or cheap-quality leather that’ll fray or snap after a few pulls. The clips could be weak or faulty, too, dropping your wallet to the floor after you pull it out. And they won’t be covered for very long if they do break. None of these lanyards come with a 65-year Heirloom Warranty, do they?  But ours do, and we take pride in knowing they’ll be there for you for life. And not just your life, but your family’s, too. Pass them down to your children and grandchildren; they’ll love them too.

In Conclusion

You can get a lanyard for free from a convention or giveaway, but it probably won’t be of a very good quality. Be careful when using it, that nothing falls off or breaks. You don’t want to lose your keys. There are mid-tier lanyards, easily bought from just about anywhere. They usually don’t have great warranties, and the quality can be a bit hit-or-miss. The best lanyards come from Trayvax. Our Link and Link Stretch lanyards are reasonably priced, durable, and easy to use. They come backed by a 65-year warranty, so we can make any problem right. If you want a lanyard you’ll love, try a Trayvax.

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