What is a Front Pocket Wallet and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Front Pocket Wallet and Why Do You Need One?

For years, most men carried their bulky wallets in their back pockets. And, as you can imagine, their bottoms were bulging with their wallets – not a good sight, to say the least. This also caused them to suffer from all sorts of pains, the reason being that sitting on your wallet causes an imbalance in your body.

The good news is that the solution was straightforward. Men simply needed to take their wallet out of their back pockets and keep it in their front pockets instead. Now, the solution seemed simple, but the problem was that most wallets back then were too thick, bulky, and uncomfortable to keep in a front pocket. As a result, men wanted a new kind of wallet that could easily fit inside a front pocket.

Fast-forward to today and front pocket wallets are now the kings of the market. These days, it is unlikely that you’ll find a bulky wallet as men have seen the benefits of keeping their wallets in their front pockets.

If you’re wondering what those benefits are, exactly, you’re in luck. In this article, we will look at the reasons why you should carry your wallet in your front pocket. Furthermore, we’ll also share a couple of things to consider when choosing a wallet.

What is a front pocket wallet?

A front pocket wallet is what you think it is – it’s a wallet that you keep in your front pocket. What makes it different from a traditional wallet is that it’s manufactured from materials that allow the wallet to keep its slim and sleek shape. Unlike a bulky wallet that’s made of materials that expand with its contents (fabric, for example), a front pocket wallet is crafted from firm materials such as metal and stainless steel.

front pocket wallet

A front pocket wallet is also smaller. That’s because most men’s trousers don’t come with spacious pockets that can accommodate a bulky wallet. To avoid over-stuffing the pocket, wallet manufacturers have made sure that their front pocket wallets are as slim as possible.

Why shouldn’t you carry your wallet in your back pocket?

Did you know that keeping your wallet in your back pocket is a bad idea? Let’s take a look at what happens when you put your wallet in your back pocket.

When you sit on your wallet, you create an imbalance in your body. First, your pelvis will rise on the side where you stuffed your wallet. This will cause your lower back to bend, as well. Then, your thoracic spine (a.k.a your mid-back) will also bend to counteract it. In effect, this decreases the efficiency of your muscles and adds stress to the area around your hips.

The effects may be unnoticeable or bearable at first, but if you keep putting your wallet in your back pocket, you’ll eventually mess up your back and impact your postural endurance. In other words, you’ll have severe back pain every time you sit on your desk.

Apart from the pain, here are more risks of keeping your wallet in your back pocket:

#1 You’re at risk of being pickpocketed

By keeping your wallet in your back pocket, you’re making it easy for pickpockets to steal it. Remember, they’re pros at spotting your wallet’s outline from afar. Even if you wear tight trousers, they’ll still be able to remove your wallet out of your back pocket – and you wouldn’t even notice. It would be wise to keep your wallet in your front pocket at all times so you don’t have to go through all of the trouble of contacting your credit card company, calling the police, and so on.

#2 You’re at risk of breaking your credit cards

Your credit cards are at risk of snapping into two when you keep your wallet in your back pocket. Each time you sit, you put pressure on your credit cards and this will likely cause them to crack. Treat your wallet like your mobile phone – you wouldn’t sit on your phone at the risk of it breaking, so why would you sit on the wallet where you keep your credit cards?

#3 Your wallet can get stuck in your back pocket

Back pockets, like pants, are getting tighter and tighter. Do you really want to risk getting your bulky wallet stuck in your back pocket? If your wallet gets stuck, you won’t be able to pay for your groceries, train tickets, and the like. Not only is that bothersome, but it’s also incredibly embarrassing. Picture asking a stranger to help pull out your back pocket wallet for you!

#4 You’re giving the wrong impression

Years ago, a bulky wallet might have been a symbol of wealth, but nowadays, it shows that you’re unkempt. When a bulky wallet is sticking out of your back pocket, people won’t stop, stare, and say, “Wow, they’re wealthy.” Instead, they’ll raise their eyebrows and ask themselves, “What do they even keep in there that makes it so bulky?”

They’ll likely think that you keep receipts, clutter, and the like in your wallet. If you want to look put together, let go of your “good” old bulky wallet as soon as possible.

If you’ve been keeping your wallet in your back pocket for years, it’s never too late to hit the “reset” button! By taking out your wallet from your back pocket, you’ll be able to feel a noticeable difference every time that you’re seated. You’ll feel your body shift.

What are the benefits of using a front pocket wallet?

If you’re thinking of switching to a front pocket wallet, know that you’re making the right choice. However, if you still need to dispel your doubts, here are a few of the benefits of keeping your cash, cards, and coins in a front pocket wallet:

front pocket wallet

#1 It’s comfortable

Sitting can be a real challenge when you have a bulky wallet in your back pocket. Instead of smiling through the pain, get yourself a front pocket wallet so you won’t have to sit awkwardly ever again. With a slim wallet, you won’t have to remove your wallet every time you sit down. It’s designed to stay snugly in place.

#2 It looks smoother

Keeping a thick wallet in your pocket creates asymmetry, which isn’t always a good sight. By keeping a compact wallet in your front pocket, you can say goodbye to the bulge. A front pocket wallet is also slender, so it won’t wrinkle your trousers.

#3 It’s more convenient

With a front pocket wallet, you no longer have to remove it every time you sit, nor will you have to make a mental note to put it back in your pocket every time you stand up. Your wallet will stay in place, significantly lowering the risk of forgetting your wallet.

#4 It forces you to declutter

You shouldn’t treat your wallet as a ‘catch-all’ for all your clutter. If you tend to stash trash in your wallet, a front pocket wallet can help you declutter since it forces you to stick only to the essentials. You’ll be forced to get rid of membership cards, coupons, receipts, and other things that don’t belong in your wallet. In short, it breaks bad habits.

#5 It breaks the habit of checking your back pocket

Speaking of habits, if you have the habit of checking your back pocket to make sure that your wallet is still there, you won’t have to do that with a front pocket wallet. Your wallet is guaranteed to stay in your pocket, so keep calm – your wallet isn’t going anywhere.

#6 It makes it easier to find stuff

If you’ve ever had to dig through your thick wallet to find that one credit card (and if you’ve ever had to face the embarrassment of holding up the line at the grocery store), you never have to worry about that with a front pocket wallet. It makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

#7 It’s the wallet that you actually need

The time will come when we’re all paying with apps or contactless credit cards. Cashless payments have become more convenient (and not to mention popular) over the years, primarily due to the pandemic. In addition, most of the information on our membership cards, business cards, etc. can be stored in digital format, so there’s actually no need to carry all of that stuff.

Can you keep any kind of wallet in your front pocket?

You may think that the straightforward solution would be to put your wallet in your front pocket, but unfortunately, it takes more than that.

Take a look at your wallet. It’s bulky, isn’t it? It likely won’t fit comfortably in your front pocket. With that said, you need to purchase a wallet that’s specifically made for your front pocket, otherwise, you’ll still end up with pain when you sit on your desk. If you kept the same wallet, you’ll only shift the bulk to the front.

So, the answer is no. You can’t keep any kind of wallet in your front pocket because it will still be bulky. You need to trade it for a front pocket wallet.

What are the different kinds of front pocket wallets?

Front pocket wallets are made of different materials. Since how your wallet looks depends on what it’s made of, it’s important to know what sets them apart so you can decide what works for you.

#1 Slim Front Pocket Wallets

In general, front pocket wallets sport a slim and minimalist design because they’ll likely be kept with the rest of your “pocket essentials”, like your car keys, house keys, etc. Besides, if wallet manufacturers made their wallets too thick, they wouldn’t be able to fit inside most of today’s pants pockets.

#2 Metal Front Pocket Wallets

Metal plates are also popular materials for front pocket wallets. These plates form a compact frame which makes it easy to slip the wallet into your pocket. Furthermore, metal materials like stainless steel and aluminum keep your credit cards safe from breaking and RFID skimming. The Trayvax Original, for example, is crafted from aluminum and cold-rolled steel for enhanced durability.

trayvax original front pocket wallet

#3 Leather Front Pocket Wallets

Don’t worry – if you can’t part with the classic look of your weather wallet, front pocket wallets come in leather, too. While it’s true that leather adapts to its contents, a leather front pocket wallet won’t be bulky because it comes with limited compartments. In short, you’ll be forced to stick to the bare essentials like one or two credit cards and a few folded bills.

If you want a dash of modern-day flair, Trayvax gives the classic leather wallet an unconventional twist with the Element Wallet.

trayvax element front pocket wallet

#4 RFID-Blocking Front Pocket Wallets

Keeping your wallet in your front pocket protects you from pickpockets, but it won’t be enough to keep you safe from RFID skimming. Modern-day front pocket wallets tend to offer RFID protection, a technology that’s designed to block radio waves that criminals use to wirelessly steal your credit card information. RFID-blocking front pocket wallets feature a stainless steel plate on the front and back of the wallet, which can effectively intercept radio waves.

What should you look for in a front pocket wallet?

A front pockets wallet is the kind of fashion trend that’s here to stay. Considering the boom of digital wallets, there’s no disputing that big wallets will become obsolete in the near future. People are starting to see the pros of using a wallet that’s slender, small, and well-designed, as well as how it fits into their lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the factors to consider when purchasing a front pocket wallet:

#1 Lightweight

First things first, you should choose a wallet that’s the right weight. Remember that you’re going to be keeping it in your front pocket along with your car keys, card case, smartphone, and more. Buy a lightweight wallet like the Trayvax Ascent so you don’t end up adding to the existing weight in your pocket. Obviously, you won’t have a lightweight wallet if it contains trash such as old receipts, so be sure to declutter your wallet, too.

trayvax ascent front pocket wallet

#2 Flat

Buckles, spikes, and more make your front pocket wallet look one-of-a-kind, but too many decorations can also make it look bulky. Opt for a wallet that’s flat so that it won’t poke through your pocket. If possible, purchase a wallet with minimalist hardware – this applies to its clasps, clips, attachment points, and so on.

#3 Style

Ideally, you shouldn’t buy a front pocket wallet because it looks trendy. Don’t forget that in fashion, trends come and go fast. Your wallet may be trendy today, but it may be so “last season” by tomorrow. When it comes to how your wallet looks, you should pick a wallet that can withstand the test of time. A practical approach would be to choose a wallet that you’d still be proud to show off in ten or twenty years.

#4 Price

The price of front pocket wallets ranges anywhere between $5 and $500, depending on the material that they’re made of. Designer brands tend to be on the pricier side, but don’t be fooled – you can buy an equally high-quality wallet for a fraction of their cost. As a rule of thumb, buy a wallet that’s within your budget but don’t skimp, either. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t have to buy a new wallet every year.

#5 Practicality

Finally, purchase a wallet that fits your lifestyle. For instance, if you carry more cards than cash, a wallet like the Trayvax Axis is an excellent choice. Meanwhile, if you prefer to pay with plastic, the Trayvax Contour is perfect for you. Always check the wallet’s interior to ensure that it offers what you’re looking for, whether that’s multiple card slots, a money clip, or others.

#6 Material

You have complete freedom over the material of your wallet. Some people prefer leather for its classic appeal, while others want stainless steel because of its durability. If you’re going for a leather wallet, consider what type of leather it is. Full-grain leather is pricier but comes with a certain “rawness” that’s impossible to replicate, while top-grain leather is more affordable, but it lacks the all-natural look of the former.

Summing Up

If you’re in the market for a new wallet, a front pocket wallet should be the only kind of wallet on your radar. Among its many benefits, front pocket wallets get rid of the bulk, save you from suffering severe hip and back problems, keep you safe from pickpockets – the list goes on. Plus, since we’re on our way towards a cashless society, it would only make sense to trade your bulky billfold for a front pocket wallet.

Ultimately, a front pocket wallet solves several problems at once, from bulk to back pain. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy a front pocket wallet!

At Trayvax, we take pride in the front pocket wallets that we make. Our wallets are crafted from premium materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, top-grain leather, and more. When you buy one of our wallets, not only will you be getting value, but you’ll also be investing in something that can be passed down the generations.

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