What Brands Make the Best Front Pocket Wallets?

What Brands Make the Best Front Pocket Wallets?

Shopping for the best front pocket wallet? We’ve rounded up five of the most must-have wallets for men to help you narrow down your options.

What is a front pocket wallet?

A front pocket wallet is a wallet that’s slim enough to slide into your front pocket. There was a time when men carried their wallets in their back pockets, but this resulted in a number of problems such as back pain, hip pain, and the most common concern: pickpocketing. The solution was simple. All men had to do was to put their wallets in their front pockets.

The truth is that this was easier said than done. Many of the bi-fold wallets for men were big and bulky, it was impossible to fit them into a front pocket. So, brands started designing slim wallets for men. Unlike your usual bi-fold wallet, a slim wallet is small enough to fit into the front pocket of even the tightest trousers. Despite their size, slim wallets can easily carry your cards and cash.

What are the best front pocket wallets for men?

If you’ve been keeping your wallet in your back pocket, it’s time to move it to the front. But if your bi-fold wallet has created an offensive-looking bulge, it’s probably best to buy a front pocket wallet.

We’ve rounded up our top picks:

#1 Travelon

Your front pocket wallet might be safe from pickpockets, but it isn’t safe from RFID (radio frequency identification) skimming. To protect your credit cards and passport, consider buying an RFID-blocking wallet from Travelon. The brand is best known for its anti-theft bags and wallets that are ideal for travel. Travelon has a wide variety of RFID wallets for women and men. Our pick for the best RFID front pocket wallet is the Travelon RFID-Blocking Bifold Card Case.

#2 Hitch & Timber

Hitch & Timber’s front pocket wallets are perfect for outdoorsy people. Their wallets show off a rugged aesthetic that’ll make you want to go camping Bear Grylls-style. Hitch & Timber’s minimalist leather wallets double as tool caddies, particularly the Hitch & Timber Card Caddy XL. It is a heavy-duty wallet with a slot for your cards and cash, as well as your multi-tool and ballpoint pen. Hitch & Timber also has a selection of hand-stitched wallets that will bring out the survivalist in you. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, at least your front pocket wallet will be ready.

#3 Levi’s

Levi’s is known for their jeans, so when they say that their slim wallet for men fits inside the front pocket, you better believe them. Levi’s minimalist leather wallets are made from genuine leather. They also look strikingly similar to the leather patch on every pair of Levi’s jeans. If you’re not a fan of leather, Levi’s has a vast selection of front pocket wallets made from recycled polyester. The Levi’s RFID-Blocking Slim Front-Pocket Wallet is made for men who carry cards instead of cash. It’s incredibly small at 3” x 4” -- probably small enough to squeeze into their tightest pair of Levi’s 501s.

#4 Bellroy

Bellroy is another brand that designs some of the best front pocket wallets for men. Their fuss-free wallets were made for minimalists who want a slim wallet not for the style, but the utility. For example, the Bellroy Card Sleeve has two card slots -- that’s it. No buckles, buttons, or emblems. Bellroy’s slim wallets are the embodiment of “function over form”. If you’re worried about your cards and cash falling out, Bellroy also has zip wallets such as the Bellroy Zip Wallet. It’s on the bulkier side of front pocket wallets, but if you store only cards and cash in it, no one will notice that it’s in your pocket.

#5 Trayvax

If you’re searching for the slimmest (we’re not exaggerating) wallets for men, you’re in luck. Trayvax has a ton of options that’ll fit into whatever pair of pants you’re wearing. From minimalist leather wallets to metal money clip-card holders, Trayvax has it all. Their wallets for men and women are made with high-quality Horween leather -- the type of leather that’s tanned and shaped to perfection. For a slim money clip wallet, you can’t go wrong with the Trayvax Axis Wallet. Made with stainless steel, it’s one of the most durable RFID tactical wallets money can buy. It may weigh only four ounces, but don’t underestimate it -- it can carry up to fourteen (yes, you read that right) credit cards.

The bottom line

Be honest. You still carry your wallet in your back pocket, don’t you? To prevent all sorts of health problems, you should consider keeping it in your front pocket instead. Choose a minimalist wallet for men from the options above so that your wallet will sit snugly inside your pocket.

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