What Are the Best Travel Hacks?

What Are the Best Travel Hacks?

Now that travel is getting safer again, you need a few hacks and tips to get yourself around safely, quickly, and conveniently. Keep these hacks in mind while you travel for the best time you can have.

Watch Out for Pickpockets

Wherever you go, there’ll probably be some unscrupulous strangers who want nothing less than your wallet and everything in it. They’ll try every trick in the book to separate it from you. For instance, if you hear a loud argument in another part of the train, don’t pay much attention to it. This is a common distraction, where a third criminal will come along and steal your wallet while the fight distracts you. Another tricky tactic is the wallet drop. Someone drops a wallet near you and asks if it’s yours. You’ll instinctively go to check your pockets, and will tip off the stranger, and possibly another waiting in the wings, to where your wallet is normally kept. Be aware of common scams and schemes in the area you’ll be in, and keep your wallet secure with a clip-on keychain.  The Keyton Clip is a great one to use. It’s short, so the crooks won’t be able to get it very far. And it’s strong enough that it won’t snap after a few tugs. This strong leather keychain will keep your wallet and keys perfectly safe.

Keep Your Phone Charged and Ready

One of the most important things a traveler carries is their cell phone. Whether you’re using it to take photos, text a close friend about the good time you’re having, or adding a new friend’s number to your contacts, it’ll be useful. And that doesn’t even count calling for help in an emergency. But a phone can’t do all that important and fun stuff if it’s dead. Bring a power bank or fuel rod with you, and charge your phone as needed throughout the day. And if you need a place to keep your phone and fuel rod, try a Trayvax Roam Clutch. It’s the perfect size, and its soft wool interior won’t scratch anything.  And not only can it keep your phone close at hand, it can also hold as many cards as you need, and all the bills you could want. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’ll keep your phone at the ready.

roam clutch

Don’t Get Locked Out

Hotel card keys may look like any other magnetic-strip card, but they’re a bit more… sensitive. Most credit cards can handle at least a little abuse before they’re rendered inoperable, but just being in the same pocket as a phone is sometimes too much for a hotel key card. It can easily demagnetize, leaving you out in the cold. You can protect it by keeping it away from your phone and in a wallet. A good one is the Trayvax Contour. This cool metal wallet is strong enough to protect your key card, and every other card you have. And if you’re worried about nefarious RFID signals, it can block those too. It’s the perfect wallet for data protection.

Just Have Fun!

There’s a lot of waiting involved on vacation, whether you’d like it or not. For the plane, for your luggage at baggage claim, for food at your favorite fancy restaurant, and more. If you’re looking for something to do while waiting, that’s a job for the Summit Notebook Wallet. The built-in Rite in the Rain notebook is perfect for jotting down ideas while waiting around. It can be used as a travel journal, a mini notebook for a writer’s retreat, a doodle pad to sketch while people-watching, or even just a souvenir shopping list.

summit notebook

Whatever you need to write or draw can be done in this little notebook. And it’s no slouch in the wallet department, either. It’s our best RFID-protecting wallet, blocking up to 95.1% of the signals. So whatever you’re waiting for, let the wait be a little easier with the Summit.

In Conclusion

If you’re on vacation, there are many tips to make it safe and fun. Make sure your wallet stays in your pocket by staying alert and aware, and by keeping it clipped in. Keep your phone charged and close just in case you need it for help or photos. Make sure your hotel key card doesn’t get demagnetized. And remember to have fun, even while you’re waiting. Our wallets and clutches will be helpful at home and abroad. Wherever you go, Trayvax will follow.

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