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Wallets, Chargers, and More: 7 Things Every Man Needs in His Bag

Wallets, Chargers, and More: 7 Things Every Man Needs in His Bag

Don’t you hate it when you’re stuck in traffic and your iPhone’s battery level is at 5%? Or when you can’t cross the street without getting wet because you forgot your umbrella? Every day, the unexpected can happen, so it’s best to come prepared. While you don’t need to be ready to face a horde of zombies, you should at least have your everyday essentials.

Below, we list the seven things you should always stash in your bag. Aside from the basics, such as your minimalist leather wallet and phone, you can find other items that could come in handy. Remember, it’s better to have it but not need it, than to need it but not have it.

7 Things Every Man Should Have in His Bag 

#1 A wallet that can carry it all

What’s everyone’s worst nightmare? Having your credit card be declined at the check-out counter without having cash as a backup. When going out, you should always carry some cash with you -- even if it’s not more than $40. A metal money clip card holder like the Trayvax Contour Wallet can hold as many as thirteen credit cards, debit cards, etc., and it has enough space for folded bills. Clip a $20 in there just in case your credit card betrays you.

Leather Contour wallet
#2 An old-school pen and notepad

Sure, the app on your smartphone is convenient, but using pen and paper is always classier. Plus, it’s incredibly useful if you run out of battery. Bring a ballpoint pen and notepad with you at all times. Want to save space? A pocket organizer such as the Trayvax Summit Notebook will do the trick. This bi-fold wallet for men has everything you would ever need at work -- the plus side is that it’s all wrapped in a sleek leather sleeve!

Leather Notepad wallet

#3 A reliable pair of headphones

Drown out the noise of public transportation by putting on your headphones and pressing play on Spotify. Now, you can dramatically stare out of the cab’s window and pretend that you’re in one of those cheesy movie scenes.

Not a fan of wireless earbuds? Keep your wires from wrestling with one another by holding them together with a cord organizer.

#4 A handy multi-tool

Multi tool
No one expects you to have a crowbar and hand drill, but you can still be prepared by keeping a multi-tool like the Trayvax Talon Carabiner Multi-Tool in your bag. It’s a compact carabiner that has a bottle opener and screwdriver, because who knows when you might need them? You can even clip it to your minimalist leather wallet so that you don’t lose it.

#5 An auto-open umbrella

The weather can be unpredictable, which is why you need to carry an umbrella wherever you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply going on a date a couple of blocks from your apartment. The last thing you want is for you to have to run back home in the rain. And trust us, unless you’re in a Nicholas Sparks movie, it won’t be romantic. Stick with a neutral-colored umbrella so that it goes with whatever you’re wearing.

#6 A portable charger

A portable charger can be a life-saver -- literally. In the unlikely event that you get stuck (all alone!) in an elevator, you’ll want to conserve as much battery as possible. But what if your phone is already at 5%? If you have a portable charger with you, that wouldn’t be a problem. You can keep scrolling away on Instagram while you wait for someone to save you.

#7 A pack of breath mints

Did you have stinky onions for lunch? Pop a mint into your mouth to save your colleagues from the stench. A pack of mints is tiny -- you can even throw it in the smallest of minimalist leather wallets such as the Trayvax Roam Clutch. If you’re not a fan of mints, you might want to try breath strips or a breath spray.

The bottom line

You don’t have to pack an extra set of clothes or an entire meal to be prepared. By keeping the things listed above in your everyday bag, you can confidently go out, knowing that you’ve got the essentials covered. What do you keep in your bag?

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