Wallet Alternatives that Lighten Your Everyday Carry

Trayvax alternative wallets

There’s only a handful of items that we can never be without: keys, cell phone and wallet almost always top that list. Start throwing in other items like pocket knives, pens, lighters, etc. and now you’ve got pockets that are bursting at the seams.

There are alternatives to bulky wallets, however, that will allow you to lighten your everyday load. We’d like to share some of our favorites: 

Best Wallet Alternatives Under $5

There’s the BinderClip wallet, which they also make in a chrome version by the way:

How about the duct tape wallet? Duct tape wallets are easy to make and you can get tape in all kinds of varieties. They even make Skittles duct tape (I highly doubt it’s edible).


Best Wallet Alternatives Under $20

The Trayvax Summit utilizes a simple and basic design. If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet with no frills, this is it. It’s built from two lightweight components and is engineered to be lightweight, low profile and carry just what you need.


This DIY wood and leather wallet allows you to create your own design from wood, leather scraps, leather glue, stud grommets, sandpaper and paint. Plus it’s big enough to hold all the necessities like business cards, credit cards, change or cash.

wood and leather wallet

Best Wallet Alternatives Under $40

The Trayvax Original offers a tactical appeal and is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. An aircraft-grade aluminum front plate and cold-rolled steel back plate relentlessly protect your cards from the elements while offering RFID-protection.

Trayvax Original tactical wallet

The Trayvax Axis is a slim metal wallet with a bi-fold design that many of us are used to. This compact wallet fits into the slimmest of front pockets and features a built in money clip, key/coin pocket and adjustable card strap.

Trayvax Axis bi-fold wallet

Best Wallet Alternatives under $80

The Trayvax Element is a rugged leather wallet that’s tough enough for the job site, but stylish enough for date night. This isn’t your traditional leather wallet; instead it’s built with a tough stainless-steel plate wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather and secured with MIL-SPEC paracord.

Trayvax Element rugged leather wallet

The computer keyboard wallet can be constructed from any computer keyboard. Now that’s a hack!


There’s plenty of traditional wallet alternatives out there. Find one that captures your unique style.


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Desi J Richert

Desi J Richert

The 21st Century needs no spot for coins, Jeez

Paul W. Becker

Paul W. Becker

Why can I not buy a digital wallet with room to carry credit cards, ID, etc., and a digital chip for family pictures or sales presentations? And of course, room for two or more digital / micro chips.

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