by Kevin Kohn March 22, 2017 1 min read

When's the last time you've gone outside and done something for your community? Each month, we at Trayvax, go out into our community and find various causes we can help through donations and volunteer efforts. 

In February, a few of us went out on a rainy Saturday morning to help out with a restoration project. We met up with a group of 20 other volunteers from the community to restore a local wooded area to its former glory. Trees had been cleared out and it was turned into a local trash pile. 

Everyone teamed up to clear out the trash in order to begin planting dozens of trees. We found everything from empty beer bottles to mops and broken down couches. It took awhile but we got all the trash out of there.

After cleaning and getting everything prepped, we started planting. I ended up planting a spruce tree in a mud pile next to a small stream. Probably shouldn’t have worn shorts…

Laura and Susan from our Trayvax family teamed up to plant their own Spruce tree. They had a blast planting and then helping me and the other volunteers mulching our newly set trees.

After a few hours of restoration and getting as muddy as possible, we were done for the day. We headed over to a local brewery for some amazing street food and cold brews. Nothing feels better after a job well done.

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