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I remember the first time I saw a Trayvax® wallet. Back in the distant past (November 2014), I answered a craigslist job posting for a certain local startup and had been invited to their shop for an interview. I did my research, googled the company, watched a TedX talk given by the owner and browsed their website. I only looked through their “about” pages, I knew they sold wallets.

I was feeling pretty confident as I walked into the shop. Mark King, the owner of the company I wanted to work for, was standing on a wire rack about 8 feet above my head. I gave my winningest interview smile and nonchalantly said, “ah you must be Mark, nice to meetcha.” He hopped down shook my hand and asked if I knew what we did here. Of course I did, they made wallets. It turns out I didn’t, they made unique wallets. Wallets like I’d never seen before.

unique wallet midnight blue

One of the most gratifying things about working at Trayvax® is the way our products stand out from the crowd. We get feedback almost daily from customers expressing how intrigued friends, family and strangers are by their “unusual wallet” and how much they love to show it off. We’re proud to make high quality American products that feel good to brag about and even better to use.

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