Veterans Day Specials and Limited Releases!

Trayvax Veterans Day Wallets

Trayvax would like to thank all US Veterans for your service to the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for sacrificing time with family. And thank you for your own personal sacrifice.

Trayvax Desert Sand Original and Old Glory Element

To honor all the brave men and women who have served in the US military, we are reducing the price of our Old Glory Element wallet from $89.99 to $79.99. US Veterans receive an additional 10% off using the discount code vet10.

We also produced 80 units of the Trayvax Original in Desert Sand. Again, US Veterans receive an additional 10% off using the discount code vet10.

Veterans Day promos will run now until Monday, November 13th. Thank you to all who have served!


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Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker

I have carried many decent wallets, some super high end brands. A wallet speaks volumes. My new Ascent is amazing. I just loaded it today and it has already been noticed. I love the stealth black. I hope my next Ascent has a black stainless rib and an embossed flag on the cash side. Hint Hint guys..



You should design a wallet with all the military banches symbols. I will buy another wallet from you with an eagle globe and anchor.

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